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What is the most embarassing thing that has ever happened to you?

Asked by Dlucido13 (50points) May 22nd, 2009 from iPhone

Embarassment is part of life and I would like to know some of your most embarassing moments.

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When I was about 15, probably… I managed to knock over a large cup of Dr. Pepper, into an ice skating rink which was three floors below me, from the food court of a mall. Tons of people saw me do it. I did not look down to see if my pop landed on the poor people skating. I was mortified.

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One day I went ice skating with my aunt and it was my first time going and my aunt was holding my hand so I wouldn’t fall and I suddenly stopped and a big group of people were behind us and we all fell down

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@Tink1113 I almost thought you were going to say that pop landed on you, miraculously, from above… ;)

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No I’m not that unlucky :)

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A bird pooped on me while I was sitting in the Plaza de Toros de Madrid with 3000 other people. Of all of those people, why me?!

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Well, two times last semester in Economics I became aware that due to my sagging, the side of my butt was exposed. I was horrified and I turned bright red as soon as I became aware of it. No one ever said anything to me about it the first time; I just realized it on my own and I became extremely embarrassed. On the second time, though, my friend said she saw it earlier but by the time she told me I had adjusted it. I had not even been aware of it. It made me wonder how many other times it has happened.

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^ Omg that’s why alot of guys do ( except the bare but thing ) I find it nasty if they are too down. Like I don’t mind guys with skinny jeans because if they are all the way up they look like they are wearing girl jeans

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Well, I hate skinny emo jeans. I don’t wear baggy jeans or anything, but my jeans are not that tight. I don’t sag super low, just a little. But I guess I got a little carried away those times…

Well, here:

Judge for yourself. :)

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Were you in high school?

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Yep. I’m still in high school. :P

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@Dansedescygnes – Thats where some people get carried away :)

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My most embarrassing moment ever? Not telling. Living through it once was more than enough. It is in the past, buried, where it belongs.

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@DrasticDreamer Yup. I’m not easily embarrassed, so when I am, it’s usually pretty bad, so the worst was very bad. Some things I am taking with me to my grave and that’s that.

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I tried out for the school talent show, because a boy I like was in it, and when I got on stage, I forgot the words to the song I was going to sing.

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@Darwin I got pooped on too! A seagull used me for target practice while I was walking on the boardwalk in Atlantic City. Supposedly, it’s good luck.

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Asking an old friend I hadn’t seen for a few years when she was due… which she responded “oh, no he’s 5 months old now”
.....never wanted to turn invisible as badly as I did in that moment!

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Okay. Haha.

I was just starting off in a new high school after two years in private. Knowing that this was my chance to reinvent myself (I was quite the loner in my old one), I came in with the instilled mindset that I was badass, head held high. I knew this would be my opportunity to come out of my shell and I didn’t wasn’t gonna blow it.

I went to my first class, – Algebra. I walked in smoothly and sat down with such smugness; everyone was chattering about “the new guy”, and it made me proud that I was the talk of the town.

“I’ll show them what being cool is really about,” I told myself.

The teacher informed the class that there was a pop quiz. In the midst of the moaning and groaning, and I raised my hand, asking if I had to take it (in the most confident tone I could muster with my slightly-pubescent voice). She said no, don’t worry about it.

“Alright, put your head down and act aloof – sleeping in class MUST be the one way ticket to awesome-town,” the voices in my head told me. I did so, but did not expect to actually fall asleep. However, the quiet of the room coupled with the rhythmic sound of 30 kids scratching their pencils across the paper was too much to handle. I knocked out.

Silence. I was away in a dream, bent over my desk… at peace with the whirring of A/C units and the faint buzzing of the fluorescent lights over head. And then it happened.

A terrible noise; an unnatural sound. The sound of thunder. I farted.

I was awoken abruptly by my ass vibrations, confused and befuddled as to what exactly happened. I looked around, eyes trying to focus and realized people were equally confused. I quickly understood what horrible evil I had just unleashed, just as everyone else did. A roar of laughter.

Grasping at straws, I noticed the girl behind me was also sleeping (how I didn’t scare her awake is beyond me). I put on the look of disgust and pointed to her, and put my head down, my face never to be seen again that class.

“Yo, that shit was like a bomb!” I heard a student cry.

“Damn, what the fuck”?!” another added.

The bell rang and I hurried off to the next class, face red and self-esteem in the dumpster. A kid asked me if it was me that farted. I replied with a stern, “FUCK NO.”

To this day, this very moment, I have always sworn that it was Karina that farted in math class.

My most embarrassing moment was also my most humbling.

such length for something so stupid, haha!

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I’m not telling…..... again.

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There were several, and all are amusing, but only to other people. Once, I was playing Frisbee with some friends in a local park. My buddy threw it very high over my head and out of my reach. I decided to leap for it, thinking I would look like Superman and suddenly I found myself sailing over the edge of a small cliff and then I fell in the river. And I missed the goddamn Frisbee as well. I felt like a damn fool, and my friends razzed me about it for weeks.

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I was camping with some coworkers. I got wasted and had my pants down and peed on myself. I passed out in a puddle.

It was bad enough that it was never mentioned again.

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oh my god, I would never tell anyone. I did tell my husband, and he pokes fun at me. I wish I hadn’t told him! lol

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I’m saving that tale for my memoirs. :D

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When I was about 11 I was at Girl Scout sleep away camp. The first morning we got up and got dressed so our little camp ground could do the flag raising ceremony. I was excited and got dressed real quick. After breakfast and the flag ceremony we went back to our camp ground and our leader was putting sulfur in our socks so the chiggers wouldn’t get us. She said, Man your shorts are really short! I pulled up my shirt a little and I didn’t have any shorts on! I guess I had been in a hurry and excited to participate in the flag raising. I wanted to die. Thankfully I’d had on a longer tshirt, but I always wondered how many people saw my unders!

Then there was the time I fell out of a wagon on Main Street during the 4th of July parade…

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I’m at college, and pulled an almost-all nighter and fell asleep in my clothes. I wake up late and don’t have time to change so I keep on those pants and just put on a new shirt. I walk 20 minutes to class, where a classmate informs me I’m bleeding all over my pants. In my rush/grogginess I didn’t know I had started my period. So I then had to walk another 20 minutes trying to hide the blood stain with my shirt. I am so glad I don’t go there anymore.

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I’m not sure. There are so many I’ve blocked that I will have to think about it. I have a story similar to @Grisaille,‘s but his is more entertaining. I have had many moments of mortification… I will, unfortunately, be able to come up with something.

I will say, I am now dying to know what @lillycoyote did. Not to mention @casheroo and @aprilsimnel and @NaturalMineralWater. It’s like dangling a carrot in front of us!

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When i was about 16, girly sleepover at a friends house. Late night drawing on sleeping peoples faces. Anywho laughed so hard i wet myself all over her wood flooring. Apprantly it can happen to anyone..or so im told.

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