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Where will you put your vote?

Asked by TROLL (378points) May 23rd, 2009

In light of the British MPs expenses claim,where will you place your cross?Who can you trust?Is there any point in voting at all?

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I have no faith any more in the “system”. From politics to law and order. I truly believe we are heading for an almighty change in the way the world is run and by whom. Keep an eye on the “superpowers” over the next decade closely because there’s a race to world domination and it will be a subtle, unknown exercise catching us all off guard. Voting is pointless now, changes in our lives are decided way beyond the UK

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@Bobbydavid Ye of little faith…. in the inherent good of man :)

Anyways though, I’m American so I can’t vote for anyone over there…. Best of luck to whoever though (and never think your vote, however insignificant it may be in the grand scheme of things, is useless…..... power of the people my friends).

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