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You're driving on the left lane passing another car. Have you ever observed people engaged in sexual activities in the other car?

Asked by mattbrowne (31600points) May 23rd, 2009

Another question would be: How frequent is this behavior?

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Hell, I’ve engaged in sexual activities and have had people observe me.

Mayhap I’ve said too much.

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I haven’t personally witnessed activity like this because my attention is focused on the road in front of me when I’m driving and not on events that are happening to my left or right.

As to the frequency of sexual behaviors occuring in moving vehicles, I’d suspect that it probably occurs more often than people think.

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There was a story about it on the front page of the NT News just today. I never saw it but have observed a lot of erratic driving, now I’m wondering…....................

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Anyone who drives and has sex at the same time is not giving sex the attention it deserves.

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Oh, I must tell:

I was 16 and on a city bus in Milwaukee heading to school, the northbound #15. We got to the corner of Locust Street and Oakland Avenue and stopped at the light. I looked out the window (like you do) at the cars next to us, and in one, a naked woman who was smooshed below the dashboard was giving the male driver an enthusiastic BJ. I wasn’t the only person who saw it, some of my schoolmates did as well and the boys opened the windows to the bus and started cheering the guy. When he noticed them, he gave a thumbs up, and when the light changed he sped off. Hilarious. Looked uncomfortable though, for the blower.

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Yes, but I was in the right lane.

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BTW, the car was a convertible. That’s why we could see them.

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No I have not. That would be quite ridiculous indeed. But considering the amount of time I would have to look into their window is very small since I do not pass people slowly, this issue is insignificant to me. Nor would I really care… it’s a stupid thing to do, but people do stupid things all the time anyway.

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Riding in a bus once I saw a fellow in the car next to me engaging in self-gratification.

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Along the same line..
One day husband was on crosstown freeway coming to pick me up at work. A car pulls up in the lane next to him, the window rolls down and a ‘lady’ catches his eye by making some suggestive hand motions. Husband, a bit flustered, holds up his left hand and indicates he is married by pointing at his wedding band. She just shruggs and then reveals her breasts to him.
Husband finally discourages her by hitting the gas and changing lanes.

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@basp Your husbands a saint, lol…. I hope he got some “reward” for being a good guy….

I’ve done some sexual things in a car, but never seen them done.

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Believe me, my husband can’t afford what that would have cost him! ;)

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@basp hahahahahahaha….. nice… sounds like he’s a lucky man anyways.

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I commuted by bus, for one hour on the highway for years and you’d be amazed at what you can see. People forget that buses are higher than cars and that even though they feel like they’re alone, they’re not.

I saw A LOT of car action on this stretch of highway. The most frequents were self-gratification, passenger to driver hand gratification, and driver-with-his-hand-up-the passenger’s-skirt action. I’ve seen some oral going on, but far less frequently.

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Drove passed a limo where they had porn on all the onboard TVs, dunno if that counts

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I’ve not observed it yet but I’ve been one of two people engaged in it.

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I’m usually going too fast to focus on a car I’m already passing. I only focus on the ones ahead. 12 People could have a gang bang in the popemobile, as soon as they cease to be a potential hazard I stop paying attention

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I find it amazing that it happens more often than one would think. Special appeal? Thrill of the unusual? Impatience? There are probably all sorts of reasons.

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@mattbrowne A girlfriend who likes to try new and unusual things and a responsible driver who keeps his eyes on the road and his hands on the wheel.

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Yes. I was, like, 14 and it was broad daylight. I thought it was pretty amusing. My mother was driving and she had this really tall suv. The car they were in was practically on the ground. I could see everything. I was like, “Haha. Look. She’s goin’ down on him.” My mom thought is was pretty funny too. She honked and waved with a smile.

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Thanks for sharing this!

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