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Are the general public hypocrites in relations to how money is spread around?

Asked by Myndecho (948points) May 23rd, 2009

Recently I’ve hear more people saying that the rich should pay more in taxes to help them pay for their mortgage, car, etc, in these hard times. How can these people justify this when we are also unwilling to help poorer people more in other countries to pay for the basics to live?
If you agree that the rich should pay more do you also think we should also help poor countries even more in these times?

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It’s easy to be idealists. But it gets kinda harder to convince people to let go of that money to help some poor kid in Bangladesh.

And of course, everyone wouldn’t care about the poor countries. In fact, they would say that we should help ourselves even more in these times.

Hypocrites? Perhaps. But it’s nature to be kind to everyone, as long as you’re taken care of first. Humans are inherently selfish. Whoop-tee-doo.

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The credit crunch effect the western world more than third world countries in some respects. People who live off the land shouldn’t be affected.
Personally I’ve been trying to help Briton and trying to buy British products, I’m not too sure at how the credit crunch has affected the third world.

On Airow I did ask a similar question that the rich should help us and we should help the even poorer.

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I think everyone should try to help others, in any way possible. I know our country is hurting right now, and it’s not just people that need help paying their mortgate..there is much more going on than just that trust me In an ideal world, no one would suffer or starve, but it’s a reality.
We need to help our own country and then help others. But if the funds are there to spread it around, even if that means upping taxes, then I’m all for it.

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the pubic are quite touchy.

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@eponymoushipster haha you said pubic
The rich should pay more. I’m not rich, I am a single mother with two kids yet I can find a few bucks here and there to donate to different charities. I would like to see more of our money helping people here at home. I’m really tired of the celebrity trend to help every other country while children here are homeless and starving. I’m not heartless, I would love to help everyone but at some point these countries need to get organized, overthrow corrupt leaders, and take care of themselves. I know it’s easier said than done though.

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And you should not have so many kids and get a good job the rich could say.

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@Myndecho Yes, they could say that, but that makes them assholes. Also, what I’ve noticed..people who say things like that are usually all they can to ensure the baby comes into the world, but want nothing to do with it when its here. No help at all. Seems assbackwards if you ask me.

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Everyone should live within their means.

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@elijah see question title itself. :)

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@eponymoushipster: Too late. You tipped him off while he still had time to edit. Next time wait a little longer.

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It interesting how people think it’s OK for them to go restaurants, pay for computer access, while children starve to death, and say “The rich should give more”.

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It was retracted for editing.

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@YARNLADY Lucky for me I don’t do any of those things, so I can make those comments.

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@casheroo Oh, I hope it didn’t sound like I was talking about anyone here. I just meant complainers in the general population.

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