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Should I still fly? Dentist just told me I need root canal work?

Asked by laurentd21 (2points) May 23rd, 2009

I went for my annual check up at my dentist as one of my tooth get quite sensitive and although he saw nothing at first, when he took an xray he said I needed some root canal work! He never saw it the years before as it was besides a filling that went wrong. It’s only painful if it gets exposed to cold or I bite on something really hard, and then it goes away, I can’t feel it otherwise.

Problem is I’m going away next week, I’m flying to Singapore for 7 days and he said since I was not in pain he would rather do it after I’ve come back as it was too short time to heal. But at the same time he said I should take some painkillers and some anitbiotics at the ready, and a good travel insurance “just in case” which doesn’t fill me with confidence.

Don’t know what to do (plus it would cost a fortune which I don’t really have since I’m going away), last thing I want is find myself on a plane in terrible pain, or while Im there (travel insurance or not), but then he said he can’t really do any work now as not enough time . What shall I do?

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I would imagine he was just taking every precaution giving you pain killers and antibotics since you will be out of the country and could have trouble accessing medical treatment should you need it.
He would have told you not to fly if he thought flying would be a major problem at this point.

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I would have the work done first. Once it decides to flare up the pain is difficult to manage and will ruin your trip. I know from experience due to a holiday ruined to the seaside a few years back where I was driven to see a local dentist I did not know.

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Find a dentist who will work on it now.

I have had root canals and they never needed a week to “heal” as a matter of fact any discomfort for me was gone in less than 24 hours. It is MILD discomfort at that- easily handled by aspirin or just tolerated. I never even needed the aspirin.

Your dentist does not instill confidence in me just reading your question.

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I’m not sure about the dental work, but the flying won’t bother you at all. The cabin’s pressure is not going to be above about 8000 feet even though the plane will be somewhere in the upper 30’s. I always carry ambosol with me because you never know when you might need it.

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