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What limits are there to your friendship?

Asked by The_Compassionate_Heretic (14596points) May 23rd, 2009 from iPhone
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Other than violating my morals, there are no limits.

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Well that depends on the friend of course. They aren’t all on equal footing.

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I’m not sure. Nobody’s found it yet. I suspect if they do, it’ll have something to do with legality.

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I’m flattered that you came to me for help, but I won’t help you hide the body.

They didn’t hear it from me. Good luck.

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A few people have my apartment key. They cannot come in, unless it’s an emergency, without letting me know first. I have a friend’s key and she has a total open-door policy. Invading my me-time is one my limits on friendship.

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I don’t break laws or clean up huge amounts of blood. I also never lend large amounts of money unless we make a signed and witnessed written agreement about paying it back.

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If a friend becomes so negative or self destructive they begin to drain or damage me then I cut them loose to the acquaintance stage. Love and patience don’t give me the superpowers to save anyone, I tried that before.

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Don’t fuck me over.

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I couldn’t sustain a friendship with a person who lied to me or betrayed my trust, nor with a person who made excessive demands, who made false accusations, or who exhibited rigid, intolerant, judgmental thinking.

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