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Which US presidents were reluctant to run for office?

Asked by showpeople (6points) December 22nd, 2007

Argument is ensuing on message board on Carny Town that needs some closure. Who were the reluctant Presidents, if any.

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Washington, Truman, Ford.

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Well, I can see where Washington may have been reluctant but an individual who runs for the politcal office of vice president is well aware that he is next in line to sucession. So no I think any vice presidents are out. There was nothing reluctant about Truman taking the presidency. Sure you will see that he was scared of the job on the History channel but he lusted after it for years. We need a better answer, I am afraid.

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Let’s see, you’re new to this site, you come here purportedly seeking an answer to a question unanswered on another site, and you insult the first answer you receive?

Your ungrateful response shows your own ignorance. Not only was Truman reluctant to take on the presidency, he was also reluctant to take on the vice-presidency, which is readily apparent by a review of any authoritative source. Usually I take the time to provide lengthy analysis and sources, but given your lack of appreciation, you’re not worth the effort. Why don’t you try doing some reading, and not relying on the History Channel.

If you are so sure of yourself, why ask the question? We need a better request, I am afraid. Learn some manners. Your statement “there was nothing reluctant about Truman taking the presidency” is just plain wrong.

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