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Why haven't I gotten my period?

Asked by EmiiRockx10 (18points) May 23rd, 2009

Im 15 going on 16 years old in august. I already had my period before. And my weight is 105 pounds. I eat normally except days i have school, I eat in the morning like at 8:15,I eat a crossant and don’t eat untill like 4 in the afternoon. I haven’t had my period since November. I have NEVER been sexually active.

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How tall are you and how active?

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Im like 5.1 and Im a cheerleader!

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Skipping periods and irregular menstruation is quite normal during the first few years after a girl starts her periods. Source

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I got mine when i just turned 13 years old

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A lack of proper diet in relation to exercise is very common cause.

“To maintain menstruation, women need a certain amount of calories, protein and body fat.

Amenorrhea is a warning from your body that there is too much energy drain. The body stops menstruating al-most as a protective factor to guard against pregnancy during a time of physiological stress.”


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SO im never going to be pregnant??

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Well, you might want to start eating better—especially being a cheerleader, you should be intaking a lot more food/calories than it sounds like you are. I assume your period would then start again.

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This is not about pregnancy- it is about health.

” is not a sign of peak physical conditioning; it’s actually an indication of a system edging toward collapse. It has been associated with higher injury rates and lower bone density in female athletes.”

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Thanks.. Im going to try to eat better.

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I got mine in 05, it took me until about 08 to have it be regular. Mine wouldn’t come for all sorts of reasons (says my doctor).
Things like stress, weight loss and gain, the fluctuation of my weight. Those things all play a part.

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Thanks I hope its not that serious I’ll go to the doctor and get his opinion. I hope my period comes soon regular.

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Keep a log of your diet to share with your doctor. It will help.

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Eat a good breakfast—with some protein and fruit along with your croissant in the morning. Have lunch. If your body can’t support a growing fetus, it won’t let you get pregnant (ie you won’t get your period). So take better care of yourself. Taking care of your body now will pay you dividends when you are older as well.

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yeah this happens all the time with younger women. i wouldn’t be too worried about it.

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The situation where you eat too little but exercise a lot is called exercise induced amenorrhea. If you have less than 12% body fat it can occur, but excessive exercise, lack of sleep, or stress can also cause endocrine disturbances that can interfere with menstruation. You can read all about it at .

Ideally you should have 5 small meals a day, which is what my daughter does. She is a multiple-sport varsity athlete who does a lot of running. As long as she eats right and gets enough sleep she has a regular period. If she can’t stop for anything formal, she will at least carry a selection of fruit, trail mix, or cereal bars in her back pack and eat something quickly while changing classes.

It is a good idea to stay healthy. You are still building bone, and smaller women in particular are at greatest risk of osteoporosis in their later years if they don’t build strong bone now.

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You are still growing. What happens now will seriously impact upon your health in the years to come: statistics show that child health often determines adult health. So follow @Darwin ‘s advice and eat sensibly. And see a doctor, NOW. Menstruation is a normal part of feminine physiology. Its absence is something to be concerned about.

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