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What's the battery life of a 4th gen iPod nano when watching movies?

Asked by melanie81 (794points) May 23rd, 2009

Just got my nano last week…about to take a trip from California to Sweden and I want to be able to watch more than ONE movie if possible!

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So long as your not watching ‘The Big Red One’ and ‘Titanic’ you should be able to get through 2 movies on a charge, thats what I get outta mine, if you need free software to convert your avi’s use this positively the best quality and fastest out there, all platforms! :) I’ve seen Energizer does ipod external power packs which use AA batts and make your ipod last silly long if you wana google one of those for your travels…

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@Tobotron WOW – thanks for this head’s up! I just bought the Energizer battery pack for $7 at

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@melanie81 no worries, done all the research already cause I’m off about Eastern Europe and settling in Siberia in 3 weeks time :) get a case if you don’t already have one, the switcheasy cases are sweet as! They have em on (UK) might be on the US site too!?

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Per this article, 4th gen nano will play 4 hours of video or 24 hours of music

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