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Why do one of my track lights burn out prematurely?

Asked by JohnRobert (490points) May 23rd, 2009

I have a track light in my kitchen with three bulbs. The same bulb (position rather) burns out within a couple days, but the other two bulb positions last for months. I finally convinced maintenance to replace the entire fixture, but now I’m having one of those bulb positions burn out within a few days. Is there anyone here who is familiar with this condition or the cause?

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Did they replace it with the exact same type of fixture?

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Yes, it appears identical.

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It sounds like it could be a design flaw in the fixture, either the materials, or how it’s assembled. If you’re seeing the same bulb position burn out in a similar manner in two different fixtures, it most likely has to do with how the electricity is getting to the bulb.

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Thank you. I’ll see if I can upgrade to a higher quality fixture then. Thanks again.

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