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Anyone else mad that the CW is cancelling The Game and Everybody Hates Chris (the black shows) but bringing The Vamapire Diaries and Melrose Place?

Asked by aLeXiE347 (46points) May 23rd, 2009

They left them on cliffhangers!

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No, but the Ice Road Truckers Mash-up on the History Channel makes my heart skip a beat…

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I personally am a fan of CW and am looking forward to Melrose Place. I don’t think that they were being racist when they canceled those two shows. They probably just did not have high enough ratings to keep them going.

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Yeah, but I thought Everybody Hates Chris had great ratings!

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When a show gets good ratings, and more people watch whole seasons on DVD. When that happens, advertising revenues go down for the shows aired on television, while cost for producing the shows go up, in terms of salaries. When that happens, shows get cancelled.

The primary purpose of putting shows on television is to generate advertising revenue for the television station, not to provide entertainment for viewers. That’s secondary.

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The only CW shows I care for are Reaper and Supernatural. So I’m pissed they canceled Reaper and I hate that Supernatural wraps up after the 5th season.

@PandoraBoxx Networks make 66 Billion a year off traditional advertising, and just 450 Million off DVD sales

Look here:

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I don’t watch any of those, but it is sort of annoying. Vampire Diaries is so corny.

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