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Anyone know of a people-finder site that actually is free?

Asked by syz (35649points) May 23rd, 2009

I occasionally think about finding folks from my past, but all of the “free” people locater sites make you join or pay to get any actual info. Are there any truly free sites out there?

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Let’s hope nothing like that ever exists. Stalkers would go nuts.

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Ah, but stalkers probably don’t mind spending the money…..

kevbo's avatar leads to both free (e.g. myspace and facebook) and paid resources.

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This might help. It used to be better. They messed it up with all the map crap.

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Look them up on Facebook. It seems like half the known world is on there.

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Actually, Google works pretty well. After forty years, an old school buddy of my husband’s typed his name into google and found our address and phone number.

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google my name and the first answer is a serial killer spelled with one letter different…

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