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A website that pushes you to be creative?

Asked by JTube (36points) May 23rd, 2009

Quite some time ago while doing my rounds on the web I found a website that made you write something everyday (and possibly other things) to help keep the flow of creativity and originality running. Sadly, I forgot to bookmark it and now I can’t remember which site this was. Does this seem familiar to someone?

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No, sorry.

But Fluther has been incredibly helpful in getting my creative juices flowing, if that helps. Great dialogue, questions, etc. Bunch of smart punks on this website, there is :P

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@Grisaille – I agree with you on that and the smart punks too ;)

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Is this what you are thinking of?

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I think the challenges on are a lot of fun, and the advertisers donate food to the UN World Food program. I can learn and contribute to world food at no expense to myself.

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Thanks, but no, that’s not the site I’m looking for. It really was a web-based originality-pusher :)


It’s not what I’m looking for, but certainly a great way to improve on my English vocabulary while doing good, and I often use it.

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This site is run by some friends of mine. They have daily and weekly writing prompts and a forum for writers to discuss writing.

Hmm, it looks like there hasn’t been activity this month. Maybe they’re on hiatus.

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Try The Artists Way Online.

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Boy, that could be just about anything since many people believe that writing every day is key. I googled “daily writing prompts” and “writing every day” and there are a lot of things out there. You must just have to google key things/words you remember about the site and hope for the best.

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And also Fluther

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