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Can you recommend any "weird" movies?

Asked by Dansedescygnes (2881points) May 23rd, 2009

This is kind of hard to explain, but I’m looking for movies that are out there, mysterious, weird, and the addition of being kind of creepy is always a plus. Just to show an example, I’ll tell you that two of my favorite movies are “Donnie Darko” and “Memento”.

Are there any movies out there like those two? I love “The Twilight Zone”, “The X Files”, “Outer Limits”, “Unsolved Mysteries”, “Lost”, and others like that. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Any “mindfuck” movies? Or books even?

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:) sorry, I was going to recommend Donnie Darko

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I also love Donnie Darko and I just watched a movie a little while ago that was pretty weird. Not nearly as dramatic as DD, but definitely cute and weird, so you might appreciate it. It’s called “Wrist Cutters”.

Edit: Here’s a link for you:

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The Rocky horror picture show

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Fight Club

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Pan’s Labyrinth

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Just saw A Scanner Darkly last night. Good movie!

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Dude. Irreversible is… intense.

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Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind is pretty good.

Check out Synecdoche, New York.

Actually pretty much all of Charlie Kaufman’s works.

Fight Club is good, as is The Fountain (though not OMG MINDFUCK, it’s still worth a look).

That’s… all I can think of at the moment. There are a huge amount of cyberpunk movies that fit the bizzare category. Check out a list of the top 100 here:

I highly recommend that to everyone that enjoys cinema, or that is looking for something a little different.


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Check out “Blindness”.

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Here is a list of other weird movies. Un Chien Andalou is one I saw in college that was definitely peculiar. And then almost anything by John Waters, but Pink Flamingos in particular.

And not quite so weird but very enjoyable was Big Fish.

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@bob it’s a great movie

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The City of Lost Children. It’s French, need I say more.

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The Orphanage.

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Hannah Montana: 3D experience.

Boxing Helena, Fight Club.

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If you like blood and zombies, what about Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive?

Or if you like puppets there is Marquis, the story of the Marquis de Sade, described by one person as being ”...somewhere between “The Muppets Take the Bastille” and “Deep Throat”.”

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A whole bunch of Robin Williams films, such as Toys(1992_film), Jumanju(film), and especially What Dreams May come(film)

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Run Lola Run is strange but not at all in a creepy way, but if you’re a real film buff this is an excellent film so please check it out

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David Lynch is your guy, I think, as a director of weird, dark films. Some examples of his work: Eraserhead, Blue Velvet, Lost Highway

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Two ‘out there’ movies that will seriously fuck with your head. Learning Curve (2003) and Walerian Borowczyk’s La Bete, aka The Beast (1975). Both are considered adult content, so don’t let any minors watch these.

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Garden state

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Brazil and Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas are two good ones. Strange but fun.

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Being John Malkovich
Fight Club
Mulholland Drive
House of Games
Pulp Fiction

One more I am not sure if you’ll like. It’s quirky and weird, but my wife walked out on it after 45 seconds.

Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension

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Thanks for all the answers, guys.

@evelyns_pet_zebra Technically I’m a minor; can you believe that? lol

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@AstroChuck – Yes, Terry Gilliam, hoo! You can’t say he doesn’t have a vision. I can’t wait to see if he was able to get Michael Palin to play Don Quixote.

Also, Wim Wenders’ Wings of Desire is an excellent weird film. More gentle, wistful and melancholy than not. Repo Man is a personal favourite of mine, too.

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Eating Raoul is another. Pretty funny too.

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Plan 9 From Outer Space
Blue Velvet
The Groove Tube
Amazon Women on the Moon
Jacobs Ladder

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How did I forget Jacob’s Ladder?
Solaris is great (I have both versions, Clooney is more watchable)
The ultimate weird one is watching the Wizard of Oz while playing Dark Side of the Moon.

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Jacob’s Ladder was the one that popped into my mind when I read this question. I can’t believe it took so long for someone to mention it! (And I’m sad it wasn’t me!)

I was really pleased to see someone mention Dead Alive, too. ahahahahaha Oh, Peter Jackson. Never change…

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oooh, yeah, mulholland drive is good, yes

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@MacBean – Peter Jackson! Meet The Feebles! Oh, Lor’ ha mercy, is that movie ever, well, sick! Like the Muppets on something! Something illegal! Hahahahaha!

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The Frighteners
Time Crimes
Hard Candy

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Kissed also one of my favorites

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The Machinist. Spider. The Game.

What are your feelings on Asian horror? Those films tend to be pretty mindfuck-y. Audition, Three Extremes, and Uzumaki leap to mind.

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The death trap
Clockwork orange

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@Clair. Clockwork Orange is a great choice and it is indeed a really weird movie.

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Okay… Gonna give you a breakdown of my favourite weird movies.

Amélie: A French award-winning film about a girl who lives in Paris and gets involved with everyone around her, trying to change their lives as the anonymous heroine. She also falls in love. A very fantastic, magical experience. In fact, I wanna watch it again. =P

Kill Bill: I’m pretty sure everyone knows about this one. It’s Quentin Tarantino. Katana-wielding brides and anime sequences in the movie. Need I say more?

The Sky Crawlers: It’s a Japanese anime existentialist movie. I don’t wanna ruin the plot for you, but let me just say how the movie proceeds. It’s very slow and there is so much focus on the environment rather than the people. The thing about this movie is that it employs the use of natural sounds rather than music, and the scenery and the characters’ environments are drawn to an extremely large scale, making the characters’ themselves a small part of the screen. It’s set in a future. But a very weird one.

Oh, and you’ll need to watch to the end to finally understand what the heck’s going on.

Lastly, we have Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea: Another Japanese anime film by the award-winning Hayao Miyazaki. It’s an extremely simple story which can bring out the inner child in you, with many elements of fantasy in the modern world. And in fact, you may end up wanting for something more complex, but while watching it, you’ll be blown away by the animation and the music.

Trivia: In case you didn’t know this already, this movie was totally hand-drawn using water-colours. Thus making it even more worthwhile to watch, if only just to see how they used this medium so well.

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Love Me if You Dare – another weird one like Amelie. I think it’s weirder though and kind of messes with your mind a little, but not really creepy as such.

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My very favorite is absolute masterpiece.

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Try Wristcutters.

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I already mentioned that! First answer! Pfft! :P

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As you should be! :D

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@Saturated_Brain Amélie freaking rocks, though I’m not sure I’d classify it as a “weird” movie. Certainly not a creepy one :P

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Stay, Fight Club, 12 Monkeys…thats all i can think of…

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Amélie is “quirky,” I think, rather than “weird.” That has more lighthearted connotations.

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Fermat’s Last Tango
Funny Games
The Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover

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Oh, oh, I got it. “Saw”!

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Clockwork Orange is one of my favorite movies, but I can’t say it is weird, really. Not like Eraserhead, which, 30 years later still gives me nightmares.

I also don’t think of Saw as being weird, just nasty, gory and evil. Seriously weird movies rarely have multiple sequels, although Donnie Darko does have a sequel (S. Darko (2009)).

And what makes Peter Jackson interesting to me is that he started with things like The Feebles and Dead Alive, but then went on to do the three Lord of the Rings films.

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What about The Shining? I mean, after some of those weird kind of movies with that kind of twist to do with time warps or what not you’re sort of like “oh ok, that was weird but if I think about it a bit and discuss it with people I might gain a better insight” like say with Donnie Darko. But after The Shining I was just left thinking “what. the. fuck.” and didn’t even know what to ask that would help me understand it any better.

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What you have to do with The Shining is read King’s book so you get the background. Hollywood (as is its custom) left a bit too much explaining out in favor of keeping some of the stranger phantoms in.

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Ah yes, fair enough, I had forgotten about the book. Shame on me!

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@Dansedescygnes well then, wait to watch those movies; we wouldn’t want to corrupt your little psyche before you’ve had a chance to really experience the finer things in life.

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Pretty much anything done by John Waters.

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You may want to check out:
Julien donkey boy
Mister lonely
Party monster
Hedwig and the angry inch

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A lot of the movies already mentioned were definitely on my list as I read over this, but there are still a few movies where I finished and went “WTF?”...

Sleuth > either version
Repo! The Genetic Opera > Rocky Horror meets Sweeney Todd in a dark alley on acid
Stranger Than Fiction > not exactly blow your mind weird, but good and quirky
Velvet Goldmine
Requiem for a Dream
Lucky Number Slevin > another not exactly WEIRD, but odd…and quirky
The Wall
Phantom of the Paradise
No Country for Old Men
Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
Eyes Wide Shut
Dark City

I am also a huge supporter of Hitchcock – not 39 Steps, North by Northwest stuff (I like those, but not for this list); however, his suspense stuff like Frenzy and Suspicion (even Vertigo or Rear Window) are good

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Good call on Dark City!
If you don’t mind a cheap comedy that is odd, Cannibal the Musical is great.

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It doubles for weirdest and creepiest.

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@Dansedescygnes Man, you sure have a big-ass list of movies to watch now.

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Haha yeah. Which one will you choose? If any? =P

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Ex Drummer

(it is not like the sci-fi stuff you mentioned, but it has a distinct “quality”...)

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If you like animation I submit Fritz The Cat.

And this.

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The Serpent and the Rainbow or Freeway with Reese Witherspoon and Kiefer Sutherland.

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@Blondesjon…It put me in a trance…I don’t know how long I viewed it. Thank you? See ya…wtf

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What about The Cell with JLo?

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Sure! There’s always room for JLo!

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A movie that left me bewildered was Return to Oz its the sequel to Wizard of Oz. Its not a strange movie in the same way as Memento or Fight Club, but then again I was under the influence at the time so that might have played some part in my confusion. Anyway you should check it out. Very Strange!

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@sjmc1989 I spent most of my childhood watch four movies over and over and over again and Return to Oz was one of them…it has ALWAYS wigged me out, but I STILL love it

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@hitomi Yeah like what the hell was up with “The Wheelers” i think that was what they were called They completely freaked me out and that couch thing with the moose head. I was watching this as a teen thinking if I saw this when I was little I would have had nightmares for weeks

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@sjmc1989 Yah…the Wheelers scared me…I liked the Gump (the couch with the Moose head) he was trippy, but cool. Momby on the other hand….heads screaming and a headless body roaming about…hated that scene…I always used to fast forward through it (still do sometimes). Definitely watched it a lot as a kid and am now wondering if it was the cause of some of the nightmares I had……..

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Okay, just watched this one tonight. I don’t understand it very well, but it fits your request. It is weird, gorey, and difficult to follow, or understand when it is over. It is filled with blood splatter, torture, rape, and other gruesome things.
Ichi the Killer.

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The Quiet Earth

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@l00pes Welcome to Fluther. Lurve.
I read about a film that has recently achieved cult status in LA with midnight showings and audience participation, called The Room.
They are calling it the Citizen Kane of bad movies.

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Akira-Japanese anime movie. Really odd but really good, you’ll have to watch it a few times to fully comprehend it.
Marebito-Japanese horror(?) movie about a guy obsessed with fear. He enters the land of the dead on accident and takes home a girl from there that feeds only on blood.
Phantom of the Paradise-A guy writes a song, another guy steals the song, and the original writer gets his face burned off. He decides to haunt the rock palace that the song thief creates.
The Rocky Horror Picture Show-A young couple ends up at a castle with an alien mad scientist transvestite and his servants.
Shock Treatment-sequel to the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Repo! The Genetic Opera-Best. Movie. Ever. About a dire future where organs can be reposessed.

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Deadgirl (2008) FABULOUS! Just watched that an hour

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@Clair Tidelands is great, but very disturbing.

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I just watched Funny Games. It breaks the fourth wall several times, and one time in particular is very strange and disorienting. I liked it. (But I was already a Haneke fan.)

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@MacBean I saw it a few months ago. I remember watching it in the middle of the night, half asleep. I remember telling myself, “I know I like this movie, but I don’t know what the fuck is happening right about now.” I then promised myself to watch it again.

I need to rent it.

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@Grisaille: The German or English version?

Grisaille's avatar

English, as I heard it was just as good as the German version. Is that the case, or was I fooled?

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@Grisaille I saw the English version and loved it. I might have a biased opinion though becuase I’m a huge Tim Roth fan I heard they were very similar but I am interested in watching the original version as well. You need to finish it!

MacBean's avatar

@Grisaille: If you understand German, I’d recommend the original, because there is one scene that’s done better in it. Otherwise, go for the English. It’s written and directed by the same genius guy, and it’s pretty much a direct shot-for-shot remake.

@sjmc1989: I <3 Tim Roth, too. :D

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eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.

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Was going too recommend Donnie Darko, you mentioned that one already. here is one “Southland Tales”, not much on the creepy side, but very weird.

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I’d say A Clockwork Orange… i watched it today and definitly did a “wtf?”

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The Fountain or What Dreams May Come are slightly off mainstream but are my two all time faves.

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Tideland, weird – definately. The little girl who played Jeliza Rose, woah. Carried the film with the talent in her little pinkie, literally. Worth seeing.

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Possibly the weirdest movie I’ve ever seen.

The Casserole Masters.

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@aprilsimnel and @Darwin are right. David Lynch is the king of weird movies. His daughter, Jennifer Lynch, has started following in his footsteps. She recently came out with a film called Surveillance in 2008 and it was REALLY good. It’s not as confusing and mind boggling as her dad’s work, but it still gets you really thinking. I loved the movie.

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How did I forget to mention Bubba Ho-Tep.
Elvis is alive, and living in a old age home in Texas, with a wheel-chair bound black man who has the brain implant of John F. Kennedy. They are trying to stop a Mummy from sucking the souls out of all the occupants of their retirement home.
Does that qualify as a weird movie?

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fringe maybe? it’s pretty good if you ask me.

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“A Clockwork Orange” has always been my favorite “weird” movie,
also “Blue Velvet” is pretty weird stuff too.

Have to say though, Donkey was not kidding!!!!!!
I just watched “The Casserole Masters”, that film is completely DERANGED!
I loved every second of it.
I found it available online for free here:

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I have to reiterate the few movies on here that you should definetely check out.
Party Monster, Hedwig & The Angry Inch, Audition, Three Extremes, The Cell, and Wristcutters are all some of my favorite movies of all time, i LOVE wierd films.
I’d also add Strangeland, Thirteen, Nowhere, Powder, and The People Under the Stairs.

I garuntee that you’ll enjoy nowhere and strangeland forsure, if you’v never seen them before.

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eternal sunshine of the spotless mind… weird but romantic..
anatomy.. creepy
shawshank redemption, primal fear.. not that weird but very good movies to watch
The MIST.. very weird and very nonsense lol but watchable..
Never ending story
i really really like to watch odd movies…

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resident evil series.. i love it too.. not a good story but it gives me a different feeling.. an odd one towards the movie itself.. i want to feel like that when watching movies.. that odd feeling.. its something that i enjoy… i don’t knw why :)

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