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What are some things to do with my girlfriend online?

Asked by Syger (1389points) May 23rd, 2009

I’m in a long distance relationship with this wonderful girl, and we’re really wishing we knew something to do with each other while we’re still separated. We used to play WoW but her ex is crazy and harassed her off just about every character and totally shut her off from playing again. So we’re looking for something other than just chatting or Skyping it up. Would prefer to stray away from MMOs if possible.

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Whoop her ass in Unreal Tournament, then.

Also, I know you said you’d prefer to stay away from MMOs, but check out EVE Online. The learning curve is so steep that it might be fun to grow together.

If anything, invite her to Fluther. There is no greater feeling than to have an introspective look into your love’s mind. Answer questions, ask questions – see how you both respond, learning and growing along the way.

Hope that helps.

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@Grisaille – I actually showed her the site shortly after I found it, she didn’t seem all that interested. I’m going to try again though; I do think she’d like it.

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Fluther. And video chats.

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uh a good juicy email always satisfies.

try starting a sex novel with her. change the names. be “you,” but with another name. “she,” another name as well. create events that involve you and her based on your long-distance situation. i assure you—with a little creativity in writing online—your relationship intensifies as you become imaginary people who are real.

next thing you know, you’ll be reserving plane tix!

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@charliecompany34 – Your idea intrigues me. How would that start though? o.O

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“It was a dark and stormy night.”

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“Once upon a time,”


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@gailcalled and Grisaille
Har har. :P
I meant more along the lines of bringing it up and such.
My sex drive’s been pretty much dead since we last talked on webcam anyway, her on the otherhand… oh man why does this have to be long distance? D:

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Me and my bf usef to doodle on yahoo. I still have those old doodles saved. Play yahoo games. And foolin around of course. Researchin stuff the other liked and we botj learned new things. Found funny youtube vids and shared. All that helped alot.

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WoW (my boyfriend and I play that nonstop)

And I’d have to go with @Clair with the whole yahoo games thing.

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Age of FREAKIN Empires.
Or Civ.

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Have you guys used to doodle-type app on skype?? My boyfriend and I can spend hours putting up pictures of ourselves and our friends and then doodling over them. It’s a blast!

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