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Men: what things make a woman "a keeper"?

Asked by shortysith (688points) May 23rd, 2009

Just curious :) If you are with your s/o, what things made you go wow, this one is not a dime a dozen!! What makes her special?

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Someone who puts up with my shit. She also has to be honest and have the right “parts.”

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When her mind is much deeper
Her expenses are cheaper
She likes when I peep her
And answers her beeper
In bed she’s a leaper
She don’t fear the reaper
Her mouth is a sleeper
Preferring the sweeper
That one’s a keeper

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I love the way she thinks and isn’t afraid to be herself.
I love the way she recognizes our flaws and doesn’t dwell on them; and recognizes that it’s what make us human.
I love the way she doesn’t criticize me for being a hopeless romantic and loves me for being me.
I could go on and on, but don’t mold yourself to fit someone’s ideals. You’ll be so much happier when you find someone who loves you for you.

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just a girl, sitting on the edge of the room evesdropping

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@Kayak8 That answer made me “awwww” out loud. :) There’s definitely something special about wallflowers. :) Great answer.

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Warm personality
Good listener
Good sense of humor
Attractive – inside and out
Intellectually stimulating
A good cook (optional but nice)

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<—Needs to learn to cook then.

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It’s all in the genes..or jeans if you are superficial.

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My wife got up on our 2 story house with me in a rain storm and helped finish roofing the house. Nuff said!

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Sweet life; bitter, always a challenge.
We breath, we exist we die.
The course of the universe, swirling, spreads out before us.
Sweet love.
The breath of life you feed me, makes my being justifiable.
Spinning; expanding together, and when time departs us.
Great satisfaction, our lives worth lived.

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-Burma Shave

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She has the keys to the cage and feeds me three times a day? Or maybe the uniform?

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If she got sincere love for the Lord.

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If her father puts a gun to my head.

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A woman who can stay quiet tied up in the crawl space.

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Now that is just another form of love and devotion. What ever floats your boat. As long as your name is on her collar.

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I knew my wife was the one for me when she was jumping up and down on the sofa, shouting “Get him! Ya!!!!” while watching The Road Warrior for the first time.

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