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For the Adobe Premier Jedi. After importing a video can I delete the original file from my harddrive?

Asked by drClaw (4452points) May 23rd, 2009

First off let me preface by saying I have little to know idea what I am doing working on Adobe Premier. I am a web guy and this whole video editing business is new to me.

I am working on a project and have more video to import and I want to keep plenty of space available. My thought was once I upload it to my Premier project I wont need the original file anymore?

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Nope, you’ll need to keep the raw files till the project is finished in it’s own playable format. (.avi or the like)

My experience with Premier has had a TON of crashes, so be sure to save very frequently. :)

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you can also set-in preferences I think how many times it will auto save your project in an hour. If you delete the raw files when you open your premier project it will say “media offline” you DONT want this!!!

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