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What do you reach for if you are very thirsty and need to hydrate your body?

Asked by whatthefluther (13812points) May 23rd, 2009

Like many fellow jellies, I too, like a good beer buzz (or even a bad beer buzz considering a life-long fondness for PBRs…a weakness shared by @johnpowell). But if I’m really thirsty, I’ll reach for a Snapple Peach tea or those flavored water pouches geared towards kids. Not that a beer might not follow closely behind however. I’m also a big fan of fresh squeezed orange juice, anywhere, anytime, anyplace! Sodas rarely interest me except for an occasional good root beer or ginger ale.

What really quenches your thirst?

PS: And Milo, what do you prefer to lap up?

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Water or green tea.

If I have a hangover – Dr. Pepper. It tastes unbelievably good then, I don’t know why.

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tap water

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I am an orange juice addict. When we buy those gallon jugs from costco of the odwalla organic stuff, I seriously drink it all in about 2 days.

But water is more readily accessible, so it’s usually that.

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If I’m just thirsty, plain old water. I can down a bottle in a NY minute!

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Ice water with lemon and some fresh mint from garden.

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@DrasticDreamer….just what the doctor ordered, huh? Not quite the hair of the dog! See ya…wtf

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Ice cold diet pepsi.

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Milo here; Whatever Gail’s drinking at the moment and puts down suits me. Although getting my head stuck in a freshly filled watering can hits the spot also.

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Water. I hate the taste of most water and it often leaves my mouth and throat feeling really dried, maybe too much chlorine or mental illness? Anyhoo I know anyhoo isn’t a real word gailcalled I drink cup after cup of water all day long to avoid becoming a withered husk and to also keep from eating goodies other than my planned foods.

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Water. Every so often a diet Coke with lime.

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I just tried my first Snapple Peach and Mangosteen juice drink…it tasted great and was very refreshing. I’m off to get a beer now…it is Saturday night, after all!

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I always look to water first over most other beverages. Living in Arizona for 30 years has taught me to constantly hydrate all the time, all year around.

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I drink Sprite Zero all day, every day. However, when I’m really thirsty, nothing but ice cold water will do.

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Good old country well water. all natural and as pure as you can get it nowadays.

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Water. The water here in The Cornfield better somehow just tastes better than the water in California.

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A little oxygen mixed with a generous portion of hydrogen.

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Dr. Pepper ain’t half bad either.

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@SuperMouse….Yeah, and the beef is better there too. Care to compare the geography, weather, agriculture in general, progressive lifestyle, etc..? And we even have an ocean over here and Disneyland, and Hollywood, and San Francisco, and Yosemite. Hell, we even have @AstroChuck in Sacramento and Bendrew even counts Cali as home, so this is fluther’s home base! When are you coming home? And just for you we have bottled water (and my butcher ships from those parts). Much lurve…wtf

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Hell, we’ve got great tasting tap water in Sacramento. San Francisco’s is even better. I’d match it up with anywhere else’s.

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@AstroChuck…And I think that may be the same water we get here in L.A. though it undoubtedly loses something (or perhaps gains some junk) traveling all those miles.

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If I’m actually thirsty (which is rare), I’ll get some water. If not, then I like to drink everything but water.

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Nothing’s better for quenching thirst than plain old water.

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Personally, I prefer my plain water not being old.

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My favorite is The Newmans lemonade that comes in a carton. I’m a big Snapple fan too.

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A cold Diet Dr Pepper does it for me. Or in a pinch Cherry Diet Pepsi.

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A margarita

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Water with a tiny bit of salt in it.

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This strange new brand called O.N.E. is making something called coconut water with no sugar. It’s divine and full of antioxidants. But if I can’t get that – oh, and it comes in a Tetrapak, which is bad (metallic foil) but not as bad as a plastic bottle – water is good. Tap water. (The best tap water is found in Manhattan.)
Or, of course, real Pepsi, ice cold. But I’m not allowed to drink that any more.
Or, the part of a cold Bohemia or IPA that’s in the neck of the bottle. Below the neck, my brother gets. Along with my germs.

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Hmm. Does beer have antioxidants?

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Cold water with just a touch of lemon or lime is my preferred rehydration substance. However, orange juice is another favorite, as is blueberry-pomegranate juice, which I often just happen to have in the fridge.

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spring water
if I’m dehydrated, I like spring water + Emergen-C pink lemonade

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Cricket Cola or Reed’s premium ginger brew.

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water ice cold or cola -ice cold too

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I drink juice when I need something to hydrate me. Usually cranberry, or apple. I love lemonade as well. Swiss Farm or Turkey Hill brand..and Wawa brand.

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ice cold H2O or flavored mineral water

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Green tea if I have it, but water if I need something fast.

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Water or Lipton Unsweetened PureLeaf Iced Tea.

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Water or Lemon Lime Gatorade

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Water – just this side of frozen. (=;

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Brawndo. It’s got what plants crave.

I hope somebody gets that reference.

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@dverhey that movie was on Comedy Central this past weekend! Lurve because I got the reference!

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Er, water. If you’re thirsty and need to hydrate, it really is the only thing you should be drinking, as most everything else will just dehydrate you further…or am I missing something here? Water in my house comes from a well, since my town doesn’t have public water. We filter it twice, it’s rich in minerals, and tastes just fine. Much better than most other tap water, which always tastes like chlorine to me.

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water, milk, Pepsi, Coke, orange juice, nestea… not the cool kind.

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