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What application should I use to watch TV on my computer?

Asked by Jbor (649points) December 22nd, 2007

I recently bought a cheap DVB-T tuner card, but it came bundled with a downright awful mediaplayer (HyperMedia). What other programs can be used to show TV in windowed mode in XP? (I am not interested in a full fledged media center)

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Hi there, Jbor!

I downloaded a program called TVUPlayer from CNET about a year ago, and I expect because I have no TV Tuner, I could only get mediocre results, but I have used this little free program for Sports, Movies, and I expect although not certain, your Tuner will help a great deal getting a good picture up for you. Although I have DSL, it isn’t fast enough [5 megs per second] for me to get any more than a pic of about five square inches on my 20” screen. Have a try at it, and I can guarantee I haven’t picked up any Adware, Malware or Viruses with this software.

There are about twenty stations that can be used although most are from the Far East, and although they have various language subtitles, the English is right there being used on the movies, and even at 5”, I’ve sat and taken in a few hours to see one or two, but the best of them are in the mornings Eastern Standard Time, which is their night time. Hope this helps a little!

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Thanks for your reply!
I am however looking for a program that can display tv from my tuner, and for this purpose I’m not really interested in streaming tv from the net.

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