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Has anyone ever experienced a situation where you suddenly lose all taste for a certain food or beverage?

Asked by Bluefreedom (22926points) May 23rd, 2009

I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2006 and from then on, I switched to Diet Coke as the only soda I drink and I usually drink only one or two cans a day. As of about 2 months ago, whenever I drink Diet Coke whether it be from a can or as a fountain drink (like when it is served in a restaurant), I can’t taste the flavor of it at all. I perceive a sweet taste sensation but that is it. I haven’t had this happen with any other beverages that I drink.

I was just curious as to why this might occur and what things might cause it to happen.

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This is pretty random, but I always loved Cheetos when I was younger. For some reason, I suddenly dislike Cheetos very much. They just taste really….bad.

That being said, I don’t think it has anything to do with an illness (at least I hope not)

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This has happened to me with both pimiento cheese and hummus. I went to eat some and just didn’t want it. Put them down and haven’t had them since. I want to still like them, but it’s just not there anymore.

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I don’t know if it’s physiological or psychological but about two or three years ago I completely lost my desire for steamed shrimp. My entire life I’ve loved it, shrimp cocktails, plates loaded with steamed shrimp, hot, cold, plain or with Old Bay, I couldn’t get enough of it, but now it just doesn’t taste right and I really have no desire for it. I don’t know what happened.

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When I lived in the Boston area I used to love fried clams and ordered them often when I was out. Then one day facing a plate of them I suddenly could not stand the idea. It was the bellies, you know? I haven’t eaten a fried clam in more than thirty years. I still can’t stand the idea.

Also I have not touched veal since reading “The Vealers,” a poem by Maxine Kumin.

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This is a remote possibility but be sure you are not deficient in zinc, foliate or B12.


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@bluefreedom, I would talk to your doctor about your ‘discovery’ of the coke tasting bad. Since you say you are diabetic to make sure it isn’t something to do with your sugar etc.

I do think some peoples taste buds change over time and yet other peoples don’t. When I was younger I could not stand the smell or taste of clams or clam chowder out alone try to eat it, I would get sick. But now I love clam chowder and fried clams, I won’t go for the raw ones though. On the other side, I grew up absolutely loving pizza, to the point I could eat it any time, breakfast, lunch, dinner or even in the middle of the night which I did as my parents used to have meetings then make it after and would wake me up so I could have some before it was gone.

Well over the last several years I have gotten so I really don’t care if I ever eat pizza again, unless it is from a very good restaurant or if I would happen to make it from scratch myself. All the ‘quick’ and fast food places have totally turned me against it and the taste of it.

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I had a medical condition and lost my sense of taste for a while. It was awful. Nothing had any taste, only different texture.

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Is it possible that the artificial sweetener plays a role in this situation with your chemistry? I know there is a tonne of information out there on how bad artificial substances could be to our bodies. Just a suggestion.

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yah it happened with artichokes..and it was because I consumed large amounts of it one afternoon lol and I pretty much gag at the site of them ;)

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I threw up Fruity Pebbles once and was unable to stomach them for years!

What I thought was kinda different was before I was pregnant the first time I would sooner starve than eat a green bell pepper. Just the thought of it was nasty to me. My grandma invited us over for dinner one night when I was about six months along and she’d made meatloaf and stuffed bell peppers. I couldn’t get enough of them. I still love them and eat them all the time. I don’t know if my taste buds had matured or if it was the pregnancy.

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Something about the artificial sweetener is so un natural to me, it’s not like I don’t taste the intended flavor but you’re right, the sweet is overpowering. Switching to diet soda a few years ago is what broke my soda consumption- the diet ones just taste too yucky to bother with.

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I had it happen with bananas and with bacon. Our family was making a 10-day trek across the country in the pre-seatbelt, stick all the kids in the way-back of the station wagon era, when we started to pass the flu around amongst ourselves. It hit me the morning we ate bananas for an early breakfast and then stopped an hour or so later for “real” breakfast in a diner redolant of frying bacon. I couldn’t eat either one for years.

@Bluefreedom – Something to bear in mind as a diabetic and thus at greater risk of kidney problems than others is that colas, including regular and Diet Coke and Dr. Pepper clones contain phosphoric acid. The excess phosphorus has to be excreted by your kidneys and can put a strain on them. If you must drink soda, switch to one with citric acid in it instead. These include most of the rootbeers and all the lemon-lime or orange sodas.

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@Darwin. Thanks for the good information. I could probably use a change in direction when it comes to the type of soda I drink. I think I’ll give the citrus kind a try as long as they’re safe for a diabetic like me. Maybe I should even consider cutting soft drinks completely out of my diet.

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Mostly happens morning after the night before can’t stand any alcoholic drink – that feeling usually passes soon though… Few hours maybe!

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@Bluefreedom soda in general isn’t good for you, and you might try swtiching to some form of fruit juice. Between the carbonation, which plays hell on your digestive system, and the phosphoric acid, which will give you kidney stones, (and passing them really hurts) you are better off telling soda to take a hike. Diet soda is doubly bad for you because the artificial sweetener tricks your body into thinking you are getting real fat and sweetness, but then, your body overcompensates with other sweet fatty food when it discover the artificial sweetener has no calories.

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It happened to me with coffee and various other foods. It was DIRECTLY related to a diabetes medication the doctor put me on. What made the diagnosis difficult is that it started a few months after I began taking the medication and not immediately.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra. More good information and food for thought and thank you for that. I’ve had kidney stones in the past – the most ungodly pain I’ve ever experienced. Fruit juices always sound inviting but I can’t find too many that are low on sugar or have no sugar added unfortunately.

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@Bluefreedom have you tried juicing your own fruits and veggies? that way, there is no added anything. You might ask your doctor if the natural sugars of fresh produce are suitable for your diabetes. I’ve juiced fresh carrots, apples and pears, and it is an awesome way to get vitamins, minerals, and fiber from veggies without having to eat an entire bushel of each. PM me if you would like to know the best, reasonably priced juicer on the market, in my honest opinion.

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@Bluefreedom – There is always water (at least until you get to the dialysis stage of diabetic life, and then there is water but carefully measured and monitored.) And there is always stuff like V-8 (lots of sodium, though), and as others have suggested, making your own.

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Water has always been my main source of hydration before anything else and it seems like I drank a half a gallon of it each day. Juicing my own fruits sounds like a really good idea. There’s probably some nifty food processor/juicer out there that does most of the work. I’ll have to look around.

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I used to really really like shrimp chips. Salty and greasy, but better than just “potato chips”.

However, after eating them every day at around the same time (same serving size too), I discovered I no longer want them. I have half a bag sitting in my cupboard, and I’m probably never going to eat them again!

(I didn’t do this on purpose, but that’s one of the techniques mentioned for kicking a food habit in one of the diet books I was reading.)

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For the last year, onions seem to smell and taste different to me, I used to love onions, yellow, white, purple green, now I can’t stand to smell them at all anymore, what’s up with that? Does dehydration effect your taste buds, I wonder…hmmm…. Maybe an age thing?

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