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I have a bottle of Bacardi Big Apple rum. What can I make with it?

Asked by MrItty (17381points) May 23rd, 2009

Anyone have any simple mixed drinks for which apple flavored rum would work well? I so far know that Apple rum + Sprite = disgusting. :-P

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apple mojitos are amazing.

2 oz apple rum
6 oz club soda
3 lime wedges
2 tsp sugar
3 fresh mint leave

Dip rim of glass in rum, then place in sugar to get rim coated. These are so delicious

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For simpler drinks, mix it with cranberry for a nice fruity cocktail, or dr pepper for a ‘spiced’ apple.

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@brettvdb, that apple mojito sounds lovely!

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@brettvdb Awesome. I’m going shopping tomorrow for lime wedges, club soda, and mint leaves. :-)

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What can you make with it?

A hell of a night, that’s what.

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I’m gonna suggest something with cinnamon schnapps. Never tried it, but there’s gotta be some combo of those two and maybe some sort of mixer that would work.

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Big Apple Cinnatini recipe
1 1/2 oz BacardiĀ® Big Apple rum
1/2 oz coffee liqueur
1/2 oz cinnamon schnapps
1 1/2 oz half-and-half

Shake with ice and strain into chilled martini glass. Garnish with a cinnamon stick.

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You could probably make a pretty decent hangover if you consume enough of it.

I know. Not very helpful. Sorry.

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@Bluefreedom Neither am I. Don’t feel bad.

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Big apple shots? They’re medicinal I understand. An apple a day…

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A great spray cologne, just avoid the bees.

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How abou punching a small hole in a watermelon inserting a funnel and slowly over a couple of days add the big apple rum, once it’s full to busting slice and serve, very tasty! Mmmm!

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You can make yourself sick with it!

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Apple vrum and Tonic water with a twist of lemon is great and refreshing use plenty of ice

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half cup of rum and hlaf cup of dr.pepper mix and and add ice taste like god made it just four u if u want dip the top of the cup in rum and then in sugger i love it

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