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How does "Guitar Hero" work? What is the point and how do you win?

Asked by srmorgan (6768points) December 22nd, 2007

We bought a copy for my 17year old for Xmas and I want to know how the game works, how you score points, does one win?//

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It’s a super fun game… basically you play along (meaning hold down the appropriate “fret” button and “strum” the switch) on the guitar to your favorite hair band/heavy metal songs—make too many mistakes, and you get booed off the stage. As you complete songs, more get unlocked.

You get bonus “points” for playing a long string of notes correctly, and you can build up “star power” which you can activate by tilting the guitar up—how very excellent! Soon, you’ll be ready to audition for Wyld Stallions!

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We have this game in a house of five children and everybody loves it. I play actual guitar and I have to say it does not emulate what it truly feels like, but I am still able to have fun playing some fun songs. You can beat the game in the sense of playing all of the songs but it is a game that you keep coming back to. It is great for parties and everybody has fun.

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It is super fun for parties, and it is overall a fun game to play. It is far from the actual motions of playing real guitar, but it sure beats air guitar!!:)

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I do not own the game, but I have played it a few times. It’s pretty fun, but as a guitar player, I find it frustrating because it’s totally different than playing a real guitar. I’ve talked to other guitar players and they share the same frustration. But, if you play it enough, I guess you can get past that.

I see the game as a modified version of Dance Dance Revolution. Instead of stepping on buttons on the floor pad, you have a makeshift guitar with buttons on the neck. But like a real guitar, you have to make sure your right hand is in sync with the left hand. The right hand manipulates a switch that acts as the part of the guitar where you strum the strings. The game tells you which buttons to push and the more notes you hit, the more points you get.

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