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What do you think of people who go to clubs?

Asked by lisaj89 (720points) May 23rd, 2009

A friend of mine decided to have a pool party today and invited several girlfriends. When everybody was sick of swimming she brought up the idea of going clubbing. I guess it’s just the way I was raised, but I have never liked the idea of going downtown. I don’t really dance or drink so there is no point in going for me. When I said I was not interested it was like a challenge for them to see who could convince me to come. Nobody won. I stuck around ‘till about 12 and just hung out while they got ready. By the time they finished, they looked like they were going to work the streets. I’m exaggerating, but seriously, their skirts were shorter than most of my shorts!
Do you go clubbing? What do you think of people in clubs? I know many people go to them to meet people, but that’s the LAST place I would want to find somebody to date.

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I don’t typically like to generalize or stereotype people, but more often than not, it takes a certain kind of person to enjoy clubbing. I myself am not one of them. I don’t look down on people who enjoy it, but I won’t personally ever understand it.

I’m pretty (well, extremely, usually) quiet around people that I don’t know, I’m not very outgoing, and I couldn’t bring myself to wear half of the things club girls do. Just a different kind of person, I am. And meeting a guy there? No way.

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Going clubbing isn’t what defines a person as a whole. There are plenty of people that have been to clubs but don’t revolve their social lives around it. As far as those who look forward to sat nights to go clubbing and that’s what puts a smile on their face, then more power to them ;)

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Sure, I go to clubs every now and again. I live in NYC, and going to clubs is a damn near social necessity – especially if you want to make professional contacts.

But it seems we are speaking of two different types of clubs. There are the seedy, let’s-go-get-smashed-and-snatch-up-some-poon-tang type of clubs, and then there are the lay back and relax, lounge environments that just happen to have music playing in the backround.

I prefer the latter, and try my hardest to stay the hell away from the former. Not that these places are particularly bad, but if you’re going there to meet the opposite sex, chances are the person you pick up will be awfully shallow. Yes, I am generalizing, but I’m basing it off of my own personal experiences.

And as for bringing a date there? Good luck. There’s always someone interested in your lady (or man, yes), and there is always some sort of issue at the end of the night. If you are the free, open-relationship kind, then sure. Just don’t expect exclusivity in these places.

Regardless, bunch of my friends – male and female – frequent these places, and I never hold anything against them. Just ain’t my thing.

Take me to a quiet bar, a park at midnight, let us people-watch in the city or just roam until our feet our tired and our hearts are heavy. That’s my ideal night of fun.

But yeah, I wouldn’t sweat what they’re wearing – let them have fun! A person’s sense of their own sexuality is one of the key aspects in having confidence about themselves; if what they do and what they wear makes them feel better, let them. Ain’t no big deal; they aren’t hurting anyone.

Except all those hearts they will break, of course!

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Well, Grisaille, the thing is, most of the chill places with music in my town (AL) require you to be twenty one, I’m lacking a year. Clubs are definitely not social necessity here, they are mostly reserved for the younger crowd.

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@lisaj89 Well then, don’t go :P

Wait it out a year; we all have our whole lives ahead of us; don’t feel obligated to jump in at this very moment. Observe from a distance, learn what you want (and do not want) to be. This is a great time to start making decisions on what type of life you will lead – social or otherwise.

Hope that helps, even a little.

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Consider changing your mind next time. It’s a great opportunity to study human nature, especially without drink or drug. Dressing up can be fun too and let you explore your bolder creative side. Shed a few misconceptions and give it a go.

This short life is about gaining experiences of all sorts… not automatically rejecting them.

I used to live for the nightlife and it damn near killed me. I might go now once every two or three years just to study people. It’s fun to see that nothing ever changes. In 30 years it has remained exactly the same. Most notably, the youth still believe that they are doing something new.

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I have to agree with RealEyes on that one: Despite how out of place you may feel, going at least once is worth it, just to watch the people.

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I’m not a fan of clubbing.

Though, in the interest of full disclosure, I must confess I am a fan of women in really short skirts.

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I used to (when I was 18–22) think no Saturday was complete without hitting a dancefloor somewhere. Now I prefer private parties or even hanging out in some pub with a beergarden in the afternoon/early evening…....and not sleep in late the next day – or even have much of a hangover.
.....Damn I’m getting old!!

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I’m a huge fan of clubbing. What’s not to like if you can get paid to show up and drink for free? That’s how it is for a lot people even though it’s not your particular cup of tea. Same thing goes for who you might meet there. For instance, I met one live-in bf of 4yrs in a club and another bf of another 4yrs (straight edge man) in a club. Some people really go for the music or for the dancing, some go to be seen or to meet people.

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Because I live in the UK the minimum drinking age here is 18 so we have a 3 year head start on the US so everyones out in clubs, its the culture of most nights when your at University too, I don’t know of anyone that wouldn’t go indeed it would be odd if they didn’t but I am bored of it now because I clubbed it to death, I make it a once every 1–2 month occurrence now and then only certain places…all about the chilled fancy bars now.

Clubs only suit you when you can stay up till 4am and not have to get up the next day or feel bad about being hung over as hell. So great while your young, just odd the US has such a high drinking age so you can’t make the most of it!?

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“By the time they finished (...) their skirts were shorter than most of my shorts!”

At least you’ve explained why most guys feel the need to hit the clubs.

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I used to go clubbing with friends, but that was when I had just moved to NYC and there were all these megaclubs, like Limelight, Palladium and Club USA. Every sort of crowd used to come to these places. There was even an underground club whose venue changed nightly, Save The Robots. All gone now. I dressed to dance comfortably and not to get laid. Now that I think about it, I don’t know how I got into these joints without having to pay when I had no cleavage or upper thigh showing! I guess being young and female was enough.

There aren’t so many big mainstream clubs in NYC now like those. They’re all niche place now, catering to specific crowds. I don’t think I’d enjoy a club as much now as I did back then.

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I enjoy dancing and drinking; I enjoy the idea of the club scene at first. Unfortunately, the club scene doesn’t seem to enjoy me. I got called a dyke in the women’s bathroom for being a woman out at a club not shellacked with makeup and dressed like a slut. I got tired of being treated like dirt and getting attitude from the bartenders and patrons (weirdly, the bartenders were the worst of all, I don’t get that AT ALL). Fuck it. I just chose the wrong clubs, I guess.

Where are all the clubs full of fat nerds who like to dance? Oh well.

Many clubs just seem like the shallow end of the dating pool.

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Well I am a extreeme homebody to the point I look odd at my wife who likes to go to clubs. I don’t drink and see it only as a pick up place. I am trying to show her that I am not trapped and can expand my horizons I think I am suffocating her when she is here I need to back off so she will relax and want me. However I will try it tonight to see two bands. That will be my cover story. LOL! Going with a cousin so that may also help the comfort level a little. Wish me luck!

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i can best answer these clubs the people that go there are highly materialistic not only that but alot of high Egos and show offs most people go there act that like someone that there not a majority think also that the club are a main place to meet someone for a serious relationships if you think your gonna meet someone for a real seriouse relationship you can forget about it . there are only one night stands and besides its a sin to fornicate anyway many men just waste there time they suck the wealth from you dry to they make you buy drinks for them and then they walk away .

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