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Which social network is the best?

Asked by mrsgodzilla (15points) May 24th, 2009

Answers to this question will will depend on personal taste, experience and probably some influence from others’ opinions.

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Stay away from its just full of people wanting cybersex from what i have experienced .

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Facebook. Definitely.

I like the layout, I love the tagging function (more than 60 pictures per album now w00t!), and I love the way it’s so clean and slick with all those little apps.

And of course, you can’t forget the birthday calendar. Helps you with remembering all those birthdays.

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It depends on why you are asking. What type of social network, and for what purpose, what audience? There’s different uses for different networks.

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Facebook is probably the best right now. I have cousins, old friends, current friends, parents, and basically everyone on it. Easy way to stay up to date.

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Definitely Facebook. I have love for MySpace, but Facebook takes the cake. However, twitter is quite addicting as well.

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I would say facebook, but it’s quickly becoming Myspace 2…. So we’ll see what comes in next.

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It’s all about what you use each social network for. I specialize in Digital Marketing and Online Identity Management and find that using each network as an advertising tool for your brand which can be a company or even your own personal brand, makes it beneficial to utilize each of the popular networks.

If for example we use Twitter as the Coffee Shop, Facebook is a Wine Bar, Myspace is the Nightclub and Youtube is the Cinema, these are all places that we regularly visit.
In relation to our home, this is the place that we like to welcome our guests and entertain them.

So by understanding with social networking, we are visiting these sites frequently on the basis that we spend a little time advertising to try and get people to head to our home where we can entertain them with our products, services and content.

This is why I use so many social networking sites, as it is important to create as much as an online profile as possible when marketing a product, service or brand.

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Fluther :-)

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