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My iphoto just hangs. Any help available?

Asked by rooster (3points) May 24th, 2009

I have tried to reinstall but still just hangs. Cannot access iphoto at all. I can still access my pictures through preview and apperture, but not iphoto

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Have you checked I had problems with iTunes on my old laptop, and it was because not doing the updates finally caught up with me.

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maybe creating a new library ? so hold Alt on startup, create a new library, see what that does, if it works, drag the content of your old library over to the new one

good luck !

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Hold down command-option as iPhoto starts up. You’ll then be able to rebuild your iPhoto Library. (Note that holding down option allows you to choose different libraries at startup.)

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@rooster Welcome to Fluther

@simpleD and @iwamoto Thanks for the tips.

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