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What is your favourite site design?

Asked by Xpress411 (120points) December 22nd, 2007
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It’s clean, useful and pretty. And I really love the Print article button, which is so rare in tech blogs. I’ve singlehandedly deforested several acres of pristine rainforest just to be able to read while commuting to work ;-)

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I like Yahoo, but Fluther seems to look cool too, but the winner is absolutely Google. Why? I just can’t imagine that my search results would be wrapped inside a shinny and fancy container and displayed with some groovy fonts.

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Functional but clean. Clutter scares people away from web sites in my experience. Google’s web sites are an excellent example of this.

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Simplistic colorful designs that are easy to use and load quickly (like Smashing Magazine’s 50 Simple Web Designs )

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Take a look at CommandShift3. it’s like hot or not for web design. The leaderboard features some beautiful sites.

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there are far to many

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Its impossible to to ever say “favorite”, but right now the first thing that pops in my head would be Virb. Its just so clean across such a wide platform. No small feat.

Oh yeah, the New York Times is amazing too.

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My all time fav is Second on the list is Great answers!

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I totally forgot about this one: Jonathan Yuen

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