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What photo organizing software can do this?

Asked by Dog (24791points) May 24th, 2009

All my art is digitized in thousands of images on my Mac.

When a manufacturer wants images I literally spend hours searching for the largest version of the image when there are often up to 20 versions of the photo.

I am willing to pay for good software that will make my life easier so price is not a deterrent.

I checked the archives to no luck here. So I am hoping to get recommendations to buy the right program from fellow flutherites.

Here is ideally what it needs to do:

1. Search my entire computer for images of a certain size and be able to save copies of them in a master file.

2. This master file needs to be editable- I need to remove non- art files from it so it is just the work I need to search and not the family camping trip.

2. Show thumbnails so I can see the images. (my file- naming system is as poor as my organizing skills.

I have used finder to get a large file database but cannot edit it

Any suggestions will be explored! Many thanks!

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Aperture with a custom Smart Folder.

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Lightroom or Shoebox could be what you want, but I would reccomend Aperture with a smart folder, like @PupnTaco suggested.

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Check this website, as I am sure I saw something there like you are describing.

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Awesome leads! I am downloading trials and am leaning heavily toward aperture.

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I think Aperture can handle that job with ease :)

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Yeah aperture by far, I’ve been using it for a long time now and its never done me wrong.

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I have now downloaded Aperture and it is indeed the ticket! Coupled with a free week trial to I am well on my way to organizational bliss.

Many Thanks All!

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