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Is there a website for roadtrip ideas?

Asked by Germ (1points) May 24th, 2009

Going on a roadtrip soon with friends, that I havent seen in a long time. Not sure where to go, but would like for it to be a memorable adventure. I live in North Carolina, and they live in Southern California

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I used to have a Rand McNally atlas in my car and they had several suggestions of places to visit. A quick look at their website and I found their Road Trip Guide You can mouse over the destinations on the map and see if there are sights along the way that would interest you.

Have fun!

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Hey, if it was me… i’d go to (since most of my roadtrips have always focused around seeing somesort of music at some point). I’ve always planned trips around shows i want to see, and then filled in the blanks depending on where we’d be driving through. I’d also leave room in your itinerary for lots of wiggle room. Some of the funnest times I’ve had on roadtrips have been at random spots you stumble upon along the way, and are not well advertised or touristy. I’ve traveled the Nation a few times over with only an atlas and good friends. Rest assured that all you need is an adventurous, positive attitude and traveling buddies you can trust. Also- Take advantage of KOA!!

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