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Is the GIMP just as good as Adobe Photoshop?

Asked by pplufthesun (612points) December 22nd, 2007

Recently I had to make the switch from photoshop to gimp because I had a horrible virus and I had to re-install xp after wiping it. Now I am stuck using gimp. I have not found it nearly as easy to use as photoshop. Any tips as to getting the most out of it?

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A good start would be to try GIMPshop. It changes the look and layout of GIMP to closely match Photoshop. That might help you convert!

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something to keep in mind about gimpshop is that the version does lag a bit behind the usual program. Not sure exactly what the differences are, but again, something to remember.

That being said, it is pretty useful for switching over.

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I’ve used Photoshop for years, and then ported over to GIMP after hearing about it. I find it not as powerful or supported as Photoshop is, but I’ve found it faster, and even found a portable version of GIMP, that I keep on my USB stick, available via It totally depends on the user to be honest. If you use or would use the advanced and powerful tools that come with Photoshop, then stick with that, but for general image-editing I’d be happy to use GIMP as I find it more than sufficient for what I need.

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I’d have to say based on personal experience in the graphic design field that I enjoy using photoshop over GIMP. As long as you’re patient with the flaws that each program has you’ll end up doing well.

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I never really got close to Photoshop except Photoshop Elements. GIMP is really great though and open source. Though, I’m frustrated that it’s quite w/ Wacom tablets, hopefully they will fix that.

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Sadly, no.

The GIMP it’s nowhere close to Photoshop. I really hurts to say this, as I love Linux and Open Source/Free Software, but it would be a lie to say that the GIMP it’s as good as Photoshop… at least, if you’ve worked for a while with Photoshop and really know your stuff, working with the GIMP it’s not so easy, since there are a lot of things that are done in a different way. If you really are into it, you’ll probably get the same results with the GIMP, but you’ll have to learn and it’ll take more time.

On the other hand, you might want to think about what do you want from a graphics editor: if you’re going to use it for your work, then you should really get your hand in your pocket, take some money and pay for a professional tool like Photoshop; if you just want to mess around or design your own site, you may try the GIMP and learn with it.

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No. Re-install Photoshop?

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I would call it…a good FREE alternative to Photoshop. It has a lot of the same features and some extra features that Photoshop doesn’t have. Some things are done easier in GIMP and vice-versa.

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