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How can I get my dog to stop barking when he is excited?

Asked by snotty (59points) May 24th, 2009

I have a 7 year old Jack Russel. Every time I bring him for a walk he screeches and barks at me out of excitement! He does this along with tugging on his lead for the first 5/7 minutes of the walk and then calms down…has he gone too old to be trained not to squeal like this?! Also, when he does this I do not give him any attention, but this does not deter his barking!

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I don’t know how it’s done, but I do know it can be done. We had a neighbor across the back fence who trained his dog not to bark. She was so silent that I thought she’d been surgically altered, but he said no, he just knew how to train dogs.

The neighbor acquired a full-grown, rather goofy and very rambunctious second dog, and it took him only about three weeks to train him to be quiet. I wanted to know how he did it (and there was no indication that any cruelty was involved), but they moved away and I never got to ask him.

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I’d recommend an accredited dog trainer. Obedience lessons are never a bad idea and will help in all aspects of dog ownership.

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Sounds like a job for Victoria Stillwell.

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Many products available for this. Speak to your vet for his/her recommendations but rest assured, it’s a problem that can be solved.

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There is a specific leash that can be used for this, it includes a type of head gear that discourages them from barking. Talk to your pet supply store.

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Try a water spray in it’s face every time it barks, it gives them a shock without too much harm to it :)
My friend used a special collar that gave their dog a little shock every time it misbehaved, the difference it made to their dog was unbelivable!

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I like Sakura’s water spray idea. I think that you should give him negative attention when he does this behavior. Give him a stern “NO”, tell him to “SIT”, and when he calmly sits for a few seconds, begin the walk again. If he starts the behavior again, do it again. Let him see that being calm is the only way to get what he wants.

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Try looking at past answers to the same question that was asked last week (I didn’t know to do this either when I first started using this site a few days ago).

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you can get a dog to stop barking, by teaching him to bark on command.

I know this sounds like backward logic, but once he knows to bark on command, he will not bark unless he is given the command.

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Going to an experienced dog trainer is never a bad idea. Not only do they know a lot about training, but they will likely be able to help you figure out what specifically is causing the barking and advise you as to the best technique to curb it.

If you don’t have money for trainers, two books that were recommended to me and that I have found very useful were Don’t Shoot The Dog (which is informative, insightful and entertaining), and How To Be Your Dog’s Best Friend by the Monks of New Skete. Libraries often have copies of one or both.

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@DrBill, is this paradoxical therapy?

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:) teaching him to repress!

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Lemon Juice will work. My family used this method and it always worked. It doesn’t harm the dog at all or hurt them, it’s an annoyance though so it does deter the behavior. I have not done it personally but have seen it work. Now I am a first time dog owner myself so I can only speak to what I have seen work for other people and what seems to be ethical.

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so you squirt lemon juice at them?! :O

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@snotty Sorry in their mouth. It’s that sour reaction that is annoying to them and prevents them from barking.

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:) ok, thanks, good answer, cheap too. Ill try it!

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@snotty Let us know if it works!

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They make these humane dog collars that will train your dog when he/she barks. I’m sure they are a bit costly but I’m sure it is cheaper than a dog trainer and I know it works because my brother uses them with success.

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