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What rock bands would you consider no talent but very popular?

Asked by Camshaft56 (43points) May 24th, 2009 from iPhone

A band that makes tons of money for pop not talent.

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Pretty much any “boy band”

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Jonas Brothers.

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When I hear Nickelback on the radio, it makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit. And, I agree with Kayak6, most boys bands.

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The Jonas Brothers!!

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I don’t like their music but I actually think the Jonas Brothers are very talented. Most Disney music creations are far worse.
My pick is NKOTB.

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The Jonas Brothers.

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Death Cab for Cutie.

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Yeah, good point. I just can’t seem to listen to their music for long enough to even decide if they have any talent or not.

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changed my mind…

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@AstroChuck True that. I saw the Jonas Brothers opening for someone I went to go see, and they were really awesome. They’re VERY talented.

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It can’t get worse than the Jonas Brothers.
They make N Sync seem like death metal in comparison. ~_~

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..throw up in my mouth a little bit
LMAO..if I had to venture a guess I’ll take a wild guess and say you’re not a fan..

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i don’t think the jonas brothers have any talent whatsoever, but to each his/her own i guess. i don’t know, most bands have more talent than me, regardless of whether i like them or not. so it’s not fair to say they don’t. i think being able to play a song on any instrument is definitely a talent.

the millionaires, however, have no talent. they are funny though. so maybe that counts.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic…I respect your opinion but do not agree that Death Cab belongs on a “no talent” list. I have always enjoyed their music and have watched them grow and improve on each successive release. Their latest, “Narrow Stairs”, is near brilliant in my opinion, and I am looking forward to seeing them perform at the Hollywood Bowl with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. (I was going to say “backed” by the orchestra but didn’t want to set it up for Death Cab bashers to say they require an entire orchestra to hold them up)! Respectively yours…wtf

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This may be out of subject but I hate rap, r&b music too

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@WTF – I agree with you I like the song the sound of settling

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@Tink1113…Don’t close your mind or your heart to those genres. There is great music and a lot of crap in all genres. You are still young. Keep an open mind and an open heart…I’m willing to bet those hard lines you just made will soften in time, probably much sooner than you care to think. Rock on kid. See ya…wtf

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@WTF – Rock On!!!!!!!

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@SeventhSense Oh, yeah, they’re right up there with Canada’s finest (export) – Celine Dion.~

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Re Nickelback: It seems popular to bash these guys and I guess I’m about to do the same. Does their songwriting suck? Yes. Have they progressed as a band ands shown growth and improvement over time? Hell no. If one were not familiar with them and I played their releases to you, you would be hard pressed to put them in chronological order. What we have here is a band that early on found a formula for moderate success and they plan on sticking to it until everyone comes to their senses and stays away from their repetitive nonsense and immature “lyrics.” Is their sound fun at all? Yes, to a degree. Are they a solid performing band? Absolutely. Would I spend my concert dollar to see them as opposed to proven greats like Depeche Mode or R.E.M. or Coldplay or Radiohead or others like The Fray, Snow Patrol, Blue October, or even Keane, The Shins or Modest Mouse? Hell fluckin NO!

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Celine Dion AHHHH!! Your avatar picture says it all..

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Also Nirvana.

Good for them for breaking the norm of 80’s hair bands, but like so many other punk and punk derived bands, their musical talent was very limited. Everyone liked the Misfits, Sex Pistols, and the Ramones back in the day (and I still do) but they weren’t very talented either.

As far as bands with orchestras go, I’m not impressed. Guns and Roses tried that with November rain but I was more impressed with the Orchestra than the band. I bet the London Philharmonic makes my guitar playing sound better.

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Most of them.

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People already said it but I would just like to add extra emphasis on how bad Nickleback is.

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I know it isn’t a rock band but Miley Cyrus is the most untalented popular singer right now. Her voice is just scratchy and winy I don’t like it at all. Just my opinion though, dosen’t mean anything.

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This and this – both from the Great White North.

Now, something to be proud of

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I know I m answering my own question but I have no respect for good charlotte, I m currently stationed in md and met a guy that went to school with the guys. The lyrics they write don t even match their lifestyle. They were a bunch of popular jocks who started a band to get chicks. Yet they write bout being outcasts and how society doesn t accept them. They are the guys that picked on the outcasts.

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@jmah…Right on! Rock on…wtf

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Nickleback, nightwish, and any boy band

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Coldplay – Absolutely terrible

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The last video I ever laid eyes on on the telly was maybe a year ago for a seriously gawdawful band called Hinder. Someone please tell me they’ve disappeared over an abyss by now? Yes?

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@aprilsimnel: Oh how I wish. They have a new album out…

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@aprilsimnel Ha! Great answer. If only they truly had disappeared

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@aprilsimnel Yup, Hinder, Nickelback, and throw Creed in there, too.

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Oh dear. I remember a couple of years ago they did a local show and everyone was wearing their concert t-shirts. Blech.

I’ll contribute an original answer and say Dashboard Confessional.

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@Ivan…For your information, Dashboard Confessional happens to be in my CD collection! Allow me to point out I have two 400CD capacity players in my audio system and DC is in fact included therein. Not proudly, I might add. It was a gift (some gift) and having the storage capacity it found its way into one of my decks. Please note that if I play my CDs in alphabetical order by artist, I have programmed my player to skip that little gem between The Cure and The Dave Matthews Band. If anyone is interested in this little marvel, PM me your address and I will gladly ship it to you. See ya…wtf

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have to disagree there…super talented in MHO..

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I know she isn’t a band, but Britney Spears seems to be singing commercial trash as well as using the wrong part of her vocal range.

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@SeventhSense…I read somewhere (not that long ago) that The White Stripes (or perhaps it was just Jack) were collaborating with Beck on a project (boy, that Jack can spread himself thin successfully, as in three bands, solo work, new label, new studio, etc). They (he) and Beck hooked up due to mutual admiration. Talk about high expectations for something very cutting edge! Have you heard anything about it? Is it forthcoming on the next White Stripes release or a Beck release? Is something out and I missed it? Would appreciate any info in this regard. See ya…wtf

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No but Beck is genius. Highly underrated and so not caught up in the game. Sounds like they might make some serious music. I love how he depends on the music and lets the video just be quirky.

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Oh god… Nickleback and the like, Jonas Brothers, anything in the same genre with Panic at the Disco and that sort of crap.

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@SeventhSense…Thanks for the link. I stayed and enjoyed more Beck videos and will be returning for even more. In my opinion, He is THE MAN! No one, and I mean NO ONE, has consistently raised the bar and pushed the limits like he has done time and time again for many, many years. I can think of no one to even put in the same league with him where you eagerly await each new release knowing you will be treated to something new and exciting (well maybe the Beatles and Radiohead to a degree). Thanks again. See ya…wtf

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Jonas Borthers
Panic at the Disco
Fall Out Boy
My Chemical Romance
New Green Day

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I think The No Talent Ass Clowns would qualify as the worst band ever. Check out their godawful website ( It’s a love fest for front man, Lars Gunblade. Makes me wanna blow chunks.

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