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Would you say that more selfish and careless people are getting the better end of life as the years go?

Asked by Camshaft56 (43points) May 24th, 2009 from iPhone

Example, I go to many places and experience that the complete rood and disrespectful people always seem to have people bend over backwards for them, tend to have big crowds of people around them and get more favors. I seen good people get cheated on, scammed, robbed and used. Most keep to themselves.

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It does seem that way sometimes, doesn’t it? People who are loudly demanding often seem to get what they want. But are they satisfied then? Or are they the ones who always seem to be angry and still wanting something more? That can’t really be a happy or contented feeling. And it can’t be nice to be constantly surrounded by people who think you’re a rude, annoying jerk. Aren’t people catering to them in order to shut them up?

The art to cultivate is how to be happy with what you have and not be constantly wanting something else. As the years go by, those who understand this are the folks who are going to feel better and enjoy life more.

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@Jeruba That is a great answer, especially the last paragraph. I happen to know people on both ends of that spectrum, the one who is rude and loud and gets everything she wants because people want to shut her up and the kind people. The kind people will enjoy life and the rude one I know is always angry, mad and miserable. I don’t want to be her.

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Yes they get everything but someday it will all disappear

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It’s so true those that shout the loudest always seem to get more. We are trying to bring our daughter up using the art of comprimise, telling her that we can’t always get what we want from life but shouting about it isn’t going to make it happen, and then we go to some restaurant/shop where someone is shouting the odds and gets a discount etc… Not good.

Although teaching our daughter that making a fuss doesn’t always get what you want did pay dividends at Disney World last year… We went to visit the princess’ as we moved along a new princess appeared Sleeping Beauty (the one my daughter really wanted to meet) and apparantly (unknown to us) you can’t go backwards in the queue even if a new princess arrives! Upset we caried on and my daughter, bless her was upset but didn’t make a fuss and tried to enjoy the rest of the Princess, I was so proud! It must have been noticed because next thing we knew we were invited back to spend time/have photos with Sleeping Beauty – it made my daughters day! One in the eye for those who make a fuss!

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@sakura, from a business perspective, it was the only decision Disney World’s stafff could have made. The business runs on creating the experience. If your daughter was disappointed about the princess experience, it could impact her wanting to come back again and again.

Usually people who are loud and obnoxious get their way because businesses want them to go away and not annoy the real patrons. Take what you want, and go. Leave. This usually extends into personal lives. Rude, grabby people attract other rude, grabby people.

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ya. its true. but they are still dicks. i’d rather not be a dick, but that is a personal choice i guess.

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@PandoraBoxx True I suppose but they didn’t have to, no one else went backwards in the queue, only us, I guess thats why I thought it was a nice gesture :)

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