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Same-sex couples: we know about the hardships that can occur because of being in a same-sex relationship, how about the boons?

Asked by tinyfaery (43457points) May 24th, 2009 from iPhone

I can pretend to be my wife when speaking to insurance companies, the bank, and anything official. I know all the
pertinent information that they ask for security purposes. I can’t tell you how much this comes in handy.

How about you? What is your upside to being in a same-sex relationship?

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The toilet seat is always left down, we share each others clothes, we understand moodiness (PMS) and when one becomes a raging bitch or acts all sensitive (for a week prior to the “Aunts” visit)- we feel empathy; we get it and are actually pretty good at handling it.

One downside, though, a lot of “so, what are you thinking about?”. On both of our parts.

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It seems to me that there has to be an element of strength of character between couples who have been trailblazers in the struggle to achieve equal status. Thus, weathering the hardships sort of makes a “we against the world mentality” that creates and fosters a tighter bond. Of course, as more of the general population get over their homophobic beliefs, and acceptance is actually real and not contrived, then same-sex or hetero sex couples will be pretty much the same. Sort of like Obama breaking the race barrier. The next time it will be much less of a big deal. I cannot speak from personal experience, but from my stepdaughter who has been married to her same sex partner for 3 years.

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I’m not gay, but the idea of having another guy around the house who can actually do handywork sounds nice.

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I suppose the boons would be to have a person around you who can understand how you as a male/female works as they are the same gender as you. Also, I guess another perk would be that you can have as much sex as you want without worrying about getting the other person pregnant. Of course, another person who can understand how you struggle as a gay person and who is able to go through that struggle together with you is wonderful (but that’s probably hard to find).

On the other hand, if one is gay, I dare say that it’ll be harder to stay in a single committed relationship. Guys are horny. Put two horny guys together and you’ll have a never-ending night on the bed (and as such, probably never-ending roving eyes while you’re out). Of course, another thing which must suck for all gays is that they can’t show their relatiionship in public.

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Actually, in Canada same sex marriage is legal, and protected by the constitution and very open to the public. I am hoping America eventually sees fit to do the same. But I do respect the ongoing debate as it is a fundamental issue that takes time. As far as staying in a committed relationship, I daresay that heteros have also had problems given the 50 % divorce rate.

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seething in envy that you can pretend to be your wife for important phone calls! i wish i could do that! lol

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One boon is that I get to be with the person I want to be with!

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I would imagine that it would be easier to swap clothes without getting funny looks.

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yes, i love the clothes sharing thing! oh ya, and the SEX!!!!!!!!!! that really is the best part! mmmmmmm

[guys really should talk to lesbians about how to finger, give oral, and penetrate, they can defiantly learn a thing or 2, and straight women would be much happier—thanks to us dykes! haha]

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@alive – you’re presenting it as if men wouldn’t want two lesbian women to demonstrate how to do that :P

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The interests are more similar. I also think sexes think alike and have a better understanding of each other. I think a lot of the time in heterosexual relationships there is miss-communication on both sides (then again, in every relationship there is that problem). Men and women tend to speak different languages.

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Boons… Definitely include sex without the risk of pregnancy, sharing clothing/shoes (I love dating someone the same shoe size as me!!) and being able to watch chick flicks ALL THE TIME. :)

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@Vincentt explanations. not demonstrations

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Somehow she always knows when i’m upset and why. I don’t necessarily think that’s a boon in some cases :) And the soft hands! During a back rub or other activities it’s definitely a plus when soft hands are used not sand paper hands.

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