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What are your favorite underrated bands?

Asked by jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities (19682points) May 24th, 2009

For me its Thrice and Brand New. So talented, yet too few know of them. Maybe that’s a good thing?

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Does The Mars Volta count as underrated?

Sure, people know of them, but… dammit. They never get enough credit. :(

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Kaiser Chiefs, Gnarls, Paul Westerberg, & Zappa (to name a few).

***adding The Cult.

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The Zutons, The Walkmen, TV on the Radio, Ra Ra Riot, The Fratellis, Justice, Cake, Andrew Bird, and Ratatat to name a few.

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@dverhey lurve for all that you had mentioned. Going to see TV on the Radio at Lollapalooza.

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I’d say queens of the stone age, the editors, she wants revenge, the decemberists and Interpol

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Can, Slint, Captain Beefheart, Yusuf, Uriah Heep, Jade Warrior, Lindisfarne, Arthur Russell, Dinosaur Jr., Four Tet, Fugazi, Porno for Pyros, Marilyn Manson, Detektivbryan, Neutral Milk Hotel, Syd Barrett, Polaris (they did the music for Pete & Pete), Jounce (the actor who played young Pete’s current band), Rainbow Earth, Schoolly D, T Rex, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Tom Waits, The Violent Femmes, The Pixies, Sea Wolf, Yes, The 13th Floor Elevators

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Drywall, Alabama 3, and The Groovie Ghoulies.

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I know this is a long way back, but I always liked Tommy James and the Shondells..some great classics. And a group called Badfinger.

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@dannyc. Badfinger made some nice music but they had a lot of tragedy in their history together. It’s kind of sad really. Badfinger

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@Bluefreedom ..That is so true. I believe they were a protege of The Beatles and sang on Apple records, which later disputed the name with, of course, the computer guys..

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@Bluefreedom . Followed the link..was not aware of the extent..geez Louise… i guess they earned their Badfinger name..

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Roxette, Smashing Pumpkins, Marilyn Manson

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@Hitman Lurve for SP.

Beck, Ghostland Observatory, Morcheeba, My Morning Jacket or have they become more noticed?, Neko Case, The National, Pinback, Thievery Corporation.

And I dig Thrice too.

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Saviour Machine, Tyr, Nightwish (are they underrated? They could not be rated highly enough I think), Trans Siberian Orchestra, Toto (why can’t they play any songs on the radio apart from Africa and Hold the Line??), Kamelot, Dream Theatre (only one hit? Why only one?)

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Margot & The Nuclear So & So’s (thanks @Lefteh), The Shins, The New Pornographers, Spoon, dredg, Blue October, Modest Mouse, Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, Postal Service, Richard Buckner, Damien Jurado. Actually most of these bands or individuals have received great reviews from the “critics” and lots of respect from their peers but have not attained the level of popularity I believe they deserve. See ya…wtf
PS: If I may include dead guys, please add Nick Drake, Elliott Smith and Jeff Buckley (now that is some very serious talent, each lost much too young and sorely missed)

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The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
A Perfect Circle
The Raconteurs

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Squirrel Nut Zippers
The Breeders
Reverend Horton Heat

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Rev. Horton Heat -wayy talented, hard working.

Rammstein -Gawd those guitars! those gruff homoerotic lyrics, those pecs!!

Garbage -Ms. Manson, can i have your baby?

Morningwood -best band name ever?

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@Blondesjon @jonsblond

Lurve for A Perfect Circle and Reverend Horton Heat.

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@Grisaille We saw Reverend Horton Heat and The Toadies way back when. Awesome show!

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@jonsblond Oh, that must have been kick ass.

Did you punch some freaks in the face and headbang?

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I was in the back sitting on our friend Kenny’s shoulders spilling beer everywhere .I did the mosh pit at Ministry in 1991 and was squished against the stage unable to breathe (I’m only 5’3’’). I haven’t done it since.

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@jonsblond Dammit! I wanna be squished!


I really need to go to a concert one of these days. It’s so hard choosing one band you want to see.

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I love the Toadies!!

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Hey guys, no rubberneckin’!

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Edit:: Sitting on Blondesjon’s shoulders, Kenny holding me up.

@Noel_S_Leitmotiv Good taste in music!

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@whatthefluther . . .clever…which I expect. I would hate to see you become a backslider.

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@Blondesjon…. My second favorite song! Possum Kingdom is classic and still played on that funny box that uses airwaves. Its disappointing that there was no follow-up before the line-up changes (tho I only gave their 2nd a cursory listen). Whenever I mention Toadies all I get in return usually is a blank stare or “The Wet Sprocket” (who I do like) until I put on Possum and eyes light up!

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My favorite is I Burn.

I also love the lyric, “And if I’m asleep, make sure my blanket covers me.”, from Tyler.

Of course I crank Quitter when I’m pissed.

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Skinny Puppy

ooh, i love Possum Kingdom!

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Aerosmith. They are famous, but never do they get enough recognition, I don’t think.

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