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Can anyone really make good money with google adsense or is it all fluff?

Asked by FreeSpirit2219 (26points) May 24th, 2009

I see a lot of information on the internet that claims you can make money with google adsense with your website.

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I’ve heard from several people that by the time you get enough views to even receive a check, it’s not even worth it. My opinion? Money for nothing is a win-win.

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You can make money. But your blog is probably only going to make beer money. And that is if you are lucky.

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i have been using adsense for sometime now and its a very good tool to to make money.
but as always u will have to work hard at it. i have a friend working at google in this department and she tells me that some people actually make $100 dollars a day.
it all depends how many visitors and clicks you get on your website or blog.
if its a personal web blog then the chances of earning a large amount are a bit stiff, but if u have a blog dedicated to one or two topics then your chances of making money increase. i think the idea is to be an expert in one field and write about that.
eg; if u are experienced programmer then u can dedicate you blog to programming and solving people’s queries.that way if someone googles a particular prob then they are directed to your blog(assuming it holds the key words). now the adds on ur blog will be related to the stuff u’ve put on the blog. whenever a visitor clicks on any ad, u make some money out of it. hard work comes in the form of updatng ur blog and putting relevant information on it.
try it out.

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