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Do you like Mitsubishi Evo's or Subaru STI's?

Asked by FreddieMack (94points) May 24th, 2009

I myself have a 2006 Mitsubishi Evolution 9 MR and it is in the process of being built and powered by buschur racing. Buschur Racing in Wakeman Ohio are known for making 9 second Evo 8’s and 9’s on pump gas without being gutted. I can’t stand Subaru’s but I would like to know what your opinion is.

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Neither, I’m a mechanic in NZ and as a rule I would not buy any Japanese car starting with M or S !

Totota’s, Hondas and Nissan’s etc are way more reliable than the Mazdas; Mitsis; Subarus and Suzukis.

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But Evo’s have the 4G63 which are able to take many beatings for many miles. They are also considered the bullet 4 banger because it can handle so many pound of boost on a stock block. In a few weeks I’m going to be pushing 30psi on a stock block. I was running 2psi after i had it flashed and added a 255 walbro fuel pump. That’s why i pick Evo’s over STI’s because they last a ot longer and can take beatings over and over. I used to own a Turbio’d 98 Acura integra GSR that ran 13.4 with 8psi. Unless I dumped a load of money into the engine I wouldn’t be able to push past 8psi. Also, if you aren’t driving a supra, I don’t understan why you would want to drive a Toyota. And especially a Honda. I can’t stand Honda’s anymore since I bought my Evo. I’m sure any Civic, Accord, CRX, 350Z, 240sx owner would trade their car in for a Evo 9 MR. That’s just my opinion though.

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Im just saying the general build quality of Mitsis and subarus dont compare to the others IMO. Save up and get a Nissan R33 GTR :-)

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I’d take a Lancer over any other rally car.

in Gran Turismo.

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I can’t speak for the Evo specifically, but I own a Mitsubishi Outlander (which is built on the same chassis as the Lancer) and I love it. Again, this is specific to SUVs- I considered a Subaru Forester but rejected it due to the lack of automatic stability control on the non-turbo models, where it was standard on the Outie (and most other small SUVs)

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I don’t like rally racing really…. I’m a Supra guy…. And before that I was an SRT-4 guy….. Just not my style to rally race I guess.

But of those two…. I’d probably take the STi… I mean either can be faster if you’ve put the time/money into it… I just like the STi better I guess. Purely opinion though.

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i am not a fan of many japanese cars, but i would take either an EVO 8 or the 2002/03 STI.

all the new ones are ugly.

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Evo’s rock!!! I wish I had one! I drive a Lancer OZ, which is little more than a tribute to to real thing. When I see Evo’s on the road I kind of duck down in my seat…

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Definitely the Lancer. By the way, Odysseus, you are dead wrong about Mitsubishis. I am on my third, and have owned it for 7.5 years and 210,000 km, and it has never given a minutes’ trouble.

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