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What can you not go for a week without?

Asked by jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities (19682points) May 24th, 2009

I was recently doing some summer field work, and ran over my ipod with a car. Never realized how much I need my music to get me through a week. What would be the worst thing you’d have to go without for a week?

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My phone. With no time to socialize anymore it’s my only connection to friends family etc.

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Let’s just be honest here… beer/wine. Not that I’m addicted, I just really enjoy my evening drink.

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the internet- would feel like a lobotomy.
not that i’d know or anything

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My blackberry and marijuana.

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@essieness Ha! While we’re being honest, is it just because alcohol makes everything more tolerable?

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities It helps my ever racing mind slow down for sleep ;)

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My phone. I can’t go five minutes without it-I shudder to think what a week would be like!

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food. I like to eat.

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Brushing teeth

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My children but unfortunately due to seperation and a bitter ex it’s two weeks they and I go without. Why are exes so bitter about seperation and why do they find it so impossible to move on? It’s been two years without any change!

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Well, let’s assume that life sustaining necessities are off the table. I, too, have difficulties without seeing my children for a week… but it’s a reality when they go on vacation with their father so, that’s out. It’d have to be the internet and specifically, Fluther.

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My iPod, Voyager, chocolate!!

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I will also assume, for the sake of interesting answers, that actual necessities are off the table. Considering I have no social life anymore, partly due to college, partly due to friends acting decidedly un-friend like… I’ll go with the internet. It’s my only outlet right now. Music, too.

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No internet and a no cold beers on the weekend would make for a crappy week

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Reading, probably, all things considered. It’s my comfort and escape, so a week without some kind of book would probably be hard.

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Ok, I revise my answer. @shrubbery reminded me that I couldn’t go a day without reading, let alone a whole week!

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The internet for me, living out here so far from anything that doesn’t close at 6 pm, the internet definitely helps to keep me sane and up to date with the happenings in the rest of the world.

And my dogs, I can’t imagine a week without my dogs. I almost always take at least 1 with me no matter where I go. I have one at my feet right now here at work. She is the official greeter to everyone who comes into the store.

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Fluther / Internet
My computer

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@Bluefreedom Phew! You’re a needy man!

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Well…it has to be getting some excercise..otherwise I just get crazy…no chemical balance

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@essieness. That’s what my wife says too. lol

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@Bluefreedom What happens if you dont get all these..except food and water to keep you alive?

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@pops. I either get creative to make up for the differences or I suffer miserably from the loss of my needs. More of the former than the latter.

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Some form of variation. I worked in a warehouse once, and I felt like I was dying of boredom packing the same things in the same way listening to the same top 40 rubbish on the radio. After three months, I went to university instead. It would be great for people who enjoyed it, and the people there were mostly great, but I just can’t do the same thing all day, every day.

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Outside of the basics (food, water, air) I can’t think of anything, really. I could do without any of it for a week.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities…I have to agree with you, it would be music. The lack of my iPod or home audio system would result in my singing non-stop to compensate for the loss and everyone around me would soon be begging for a reunion of me and my tunes. See ya…wtf
PS: Oops: and more importantly, I could not do without @sccrowell…for even a day!

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The Toilet!:P

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Ahhhhhhhh Fluther… My iPhone! Most Definitely could not go a week without WTF! MAJOR Withdrawal.

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Internet. It drives me insane when we don’t have it. But, it’s nice for a few days.

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I certainly can go without smoking cannabis, but I would much prefer having a nice bowl in the evening, just like @essieness‘s wine. The Internet I could not go without for even a few days.

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Books or other reading material.

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Oh yeah. Toilet paper too.
Water and toilet paper.

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Showers and a toothbrush.

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Oh. Caffeine is a must.
Water, toilet paper, caffeine. I’m good now.

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@AstroChuck If you’re only drinking water and caffeine, is the toilet paper that necessary?

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And porn. I’m definitely going to need lots of porn.
So now I’ve got water, tee-pee, caffeine, and lots and lots of porn. Done.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities- I’m going to need the toilet paper to go with the porn. Duh.

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Air, water, iPhone. ;-)

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No sex would be the worst. Must haves: sex, music, coffee, yoga – everything else is pretty much optional for a week.

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