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Can anyone locate / post the HTML code for this layout?

Asked by chad (694points) December 22nd, 2007

Also, are there any sites to find unique and eye-pleasing layouts for the social networking site? Thanks!

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Hmm. Majority of that profile is made out of Flash. If you’re really interested in a layout like that, you can get Adobe Flash and create it and then have it embedded. You probably won’t want to deal with that if you’re one of those “copy-pasterers-coders”. Myspace is hard to get creative since its web standards are pretty mediocre. You can look up “Myspace Div Layouts” that can basically give your profile a new slate or “overlay”.

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Myspace whore…seriously, just use Facebook. Not you, the guy with the spiffy page. It’s just too much effort for something that doesn’t…mean anything.

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Breefield is right. There are other more eye pleasing social networks as well [;

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I think by far the best layout site is

They have really unique designs and their site has no pop-ups which most of us myspace users know is hard to find with layout sites.

Hope that helps!

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