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Should marijuana be legal?

Asked by cyn (6913points) May 25th, 2009

literally my thoughts on mirijuana are pretty simple. it helps the society and why is congress taking so long to make a freakin decision that can benefit everyone!

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I believe so, yes. With stipulations, of course, just like alcohol and cigarettes. But all in all, it would improve many things. The American prisons wouldn’t be nearly as over-crowded, for one.

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Yes, it should be.

And I’d tax the FUCK out of it.

I’m inclined to believe there is so much money being made on cannabis sales that if the government was to tax it, we’d be out of the recession in less than a year. Upstart companies would start clean and safe smoking bars, investors would start dumping money into them, said companies would create chains, etc.

You are literally creating a new branch of business by doing so.

Also, as @DrasticDreamer has said, the prison system wouldn’t be as much of a cluster fuck as it is right now, over-crowded with people charged petty bullshit like “intent to sell” or whatever. Just my take.

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Yes and as DrasticDreamer said, with controls and as Grisaille said too, tax it mightily.
Jeez I wish I had come up with something original to say!

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Yes Marijuana should be legalized, taxed and regulated. It is 100% impossible to die from an overdose of marijuana. It will also provide a new industry in this country that we can tax and make profit from. There were 870,000 marijuana arrests in 2007, 88% for simple marijuana possession, it’s time to end the fail “War on Drugs”. There are many more reasons why Marijuana should be legalized, and if you want to help the fight to end prohibition please visit, and for more information.

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For the hundredth millionth time… yes. Please use your search box :)

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No,it’s a drug that alters your perception and that cannot be a good thing.
The real you is the sober you anything else is a lie.

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There are a lot of repercussions in legalizing (note, not decriminalizing, but legalizing) it. For instance, what do you propose America does with the millions of people behind bars for pot convictions? Do they just get let go? Do they have any restitution for having their lives taken away from them?

But the biggest issue holding it back is that the government would have to admit they were wrong in their War on Drugs. That’s way harder than having an adult admit they were wrong to a child, and THAT is hard in itself.

I will kindly defer to the position I have established in previous discussions about this topic, which you can find by searching the site.

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Yes- let them go. No restitution as they knowingly broke a law.
(in the past Jim Crow laws were repealed and those convicted of breaking them
did not get restitution and they were just demanding basic human rights.)

Treat it like alcohol with age limit etc.

Tax the hell out of it.

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As a person that is very “anti-drug”, I hate to admit it that it may really make sense to make it legal. There are several very valid points made in this thread that supports it. Times change and laws change. You are I day away from your 21st birthday it is illeagle to drink and you break the law if you do so. Even when you can leagally do so you still have to pay for what you did before. As for emptying the prisons and the restitution problem there is an easy way around it. It is called” time served” It is used quite often when an appeals judge feels someone done something wrong but the punishment was to harsh or for whatever reason he wants them released. It is then “go home, you get nothing for your time.”

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I would love it, if it were, but I do think it would be to hard for the government to keep a hold on it! With the fact that it is a plant and anyone can grow it. They will not have the heavy hand that they love so much!

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Yes. And I have no interest in ever using it. But keeping it illegal serves no good purpose.

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@TROLL I cancel my statement above and after my 2nd SPLIFF i now more than ever EVER EVER think it should be legalised!

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Well, think about it, if you allow this to become legal your going to go to the supermarket and your cashier is going to be high, you step outside and the bums going to be high, you get in your car and you stop at a redlight and the idiot next to you is going to be high, its stupid because just like smoking its going to get like super up there and then your going to go to school and your teachers gonna be high, yeah sure sounds like fun but WTF your just gonna hit another stone-er age its just like wierd you know

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YES! I mean it’s natural and our economy would be so much better if they sold it

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laws are made to be broken
why should the goverment care what we do
were not a threat to socity

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lets get them out of our pockets our lawns and our homes
and i am so tired of random search downs

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From the word ‘drug’ people feel that it’s harmful but no one looks on the positive side for those who take those drugs. ‘Drug’ means medicine and there are some drugs which helps our body and mind feel relax. However, most widely cultivated named marijuana or cannabis. This is legal marijuana which is no more damaging than alcohol and tobacco. It has therapeutic properties like relief from vomiting in the advanced stages of AIDS, cancer and nausea as well. It’s also has positive effect in treatment of asthma, glaucoma and many other disorders. For more u can visit –

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