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There have been several questions asked lately about legalizing marijuana. If we were to do that and tax it also, what programs would you fund with that tax money?

Asked by Bluefreedom (22931points) May 25th, 2009

If it was up to you anyway, how do you think the tax revenues from legalized marijuana can be best served in America here? This is just for my own curiousity and you can be as specific or simplistic as you want in your replies.

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healthcare, healthcare, and…..uhm…

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Education about drug use and rehab and healthcare. But I think the real money is from not tossing people in prison for no reason.

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First and foremost? Health Care overhaul. Not only is it useful immediately, I’d expect there to be quite a few health-related issues when cannabis becomes legal.

As @johnpowell has said, drug rehab and education would be a close second.

This is assuming the economy is back on it’s feet by then; if not, I would expect the money would go straight into paying off the federal debt, as well the effects of the economic collapse (mainly, to pay off these two stimulus packages).

Renewable energy would also be very important – with that comes savings across the board and innovations in many aspects of society (i.e., power plant upgrades, newer vehicles that people would actually want to purchase, possible military use [fusion-powered BDUs and exoskeletons, OMG!] etc… the list goes on). With savings and innovation comes new business. That equals a boost in the economy.

I’d also fund science foundations heavily; stem cell laboratories (find a possible alternative to embryonic stem-cell use), free and stable national WiFi (freedom of information), feasible space-exploration possibilities (listen, we’re bound to need the ores in asteroiods one day), etc. Again, this would probably come in last on the priority scale.

Many, many things I’d use the money on.

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I would use it to treat the issues that are caused by the drugs, which are currently being paid by the general population, and especially for drug awareness and research into the actual effects of drugs on people.

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Use it to teach people to be able to live without artificial highs. Teach them how to achieve the high from other than substances.

I know it sounds a little corny, but I think it is sort of sad that so many people spend so much money and time escaping their lives. Seems like it would be better to create a life and existence that one doesn’t want to escape from.

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I’d spend the money on research to study the true effects of recreational drug use. The study would include data such as: traffic accidents, marriage statistics, SAT scores and medical expenses.
If we find the overall tax benefit is outweighed by the societal costs, the program would be dropped.

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I think the amount of money that we’d save from not housing people who had a dime bag on them, alone would be enough to fund education. And then taxes would go towards healthcare.

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Interesting. California has budget problems and it seems as marijuana isn’t as dangerous, as more of a possible tax income and answer to the deficit.

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What else but national debt? The fuckers will tax everything now

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@oratio I could see Arnie trying to pass that one- he is getting a bit desperate.

I would like love to see it go to health care but in reality it would just go to pay for more fat useless “projects” and the people who might benefit will only wonder where the money went.

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@Dog Well, the campaign for and against proposition 8 was the biggest funded campaign in the US save the Presidential election. There seems to be money well spent here and there. If Cannabis gets legalized and taxed, maybe someone should propose a tax on gay marriage.

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@oratio I think they really should just bloody well learn to BUDGET like the rest of us and not raise more taxes. (yes- I know you are in jest) How many freakin’ assistants and pages do they need in Sacramento?
Even now I am seeing advertisements on billboards and buses that are government paid. A billboard telling us not to smoke would be the first thing I would cut. Everyone knows not to smoke who has been alive in the last decade! Also what outrages me is the attitude that spenditures like the billboards and ads are only a small amount and will not make a difference. Small amounts add up to huge amounts. I know because we have budgeted our family and it works. These little expenses are like tiny leaks in a ship. Given time the ship will sink. Okay- getting off my soap box. I have to go to work so I can support our state.

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Addiction programs? :p


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