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What policies of the British National Party are racist?

Asked by hiiiiiiii (121points) May 25th, 2009
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It’s called the British National Party. I’d expect them to only cater and represent Brits.

Other than that, I’m not read up on the BNP’s policies, message, intent.

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It is blatantly divisive, and draws upon a rather poisonous source for it’s electoral support, as i mentioned previously, disaffected white working people with viscous, beer fueled delusions of white supremacy. It isn’t as yet in a position to be openly racist, or xenophobic, or sexist or homophobic or anti intellectual, or anti islamic, bet rest assured, as confidence and support grows their true colours will be pinned to the mast.

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So non of their polices are racist? Not none of it’s members or it may do racist things but it’s polices are not?

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@mammal, their policies appeal to racists. The racism issue – are they? aren’t they? is immaterial…....all you need to concern yourself with is that they are a vile and mean spirited organisation, with thuggish, divisive undertones. When you scrutinise the character of British people, it is very apparent what still lurks in their psyche, it doesn’t take much adversity to bring it to the fore in all it’s snotty glory.

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They are posting there flyers through the doors of immigrants legal and illegal just so they can vote BNP but when they do and if they were to win they will all get thrown out the country and wonder what the heck happened .

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I can’t back up what I will say as their website is down, but they only want illegal immigrants out and you don’t have to if you are legal.

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The question is folks, do we need to wait, like sheep for the stormtroopers to kick in the doors or do we exercise some intuition and preempt a potentially disastrous political scenario?

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The want all foreigners out .Sadly they dont understand that mean the so called UK will then be empty, and the BNP will not exist everyone in UK are foreign even them that were born here are from non native descendants.

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@sandystrachan well, contrary to what you think Britain isn’t ethnically as diverse as America, it is predominately Anglo Saxon, so no it would be far from empty. It may also interest you to know that they are founding youth groups, and indoctrinating them with their unwholesome policies.

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I will vote BNP and racism is not in my vocabulary though i do think that GB is over run with immigrants especially the Eastern Europeans.
Also,assylum seekers travel around the world to get to Blighty because of our laid back FIDDLING MPs letting all and sundry enter.
We GB seem to be the dumping ground for all the scum in Europe.
THIS Country is fucked and on it’s knees and the sooner we stop this immigration farce the better(that is if the wankers at Whitehall can stop feathering their own fucking nests)

TROLL's avatar – 76k Read what the BNP say,not what these bumbling fools in Parliament say.

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@TROLL You sound just like people in my country. Exactly the same wording. There is a lot of migration going on all over. GB is a great country, and sure I guess people go there for all kinds of reasons. For some reason, though, everyone who says these things seem to think the flood of “bad” immigrants, come to them, eroding the country from within.

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i think immigration is evil but i’d rather have sex with Troll than vote BNP

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