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Are you following Fluther on Twitter?

Asked by Grisaille (12025points) May 25th, 2009

If you are into the whole twatting craze, that is.

Just outta curiosity.

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No, it’s a repeat of the front page, I would hate to have that loaded in with my friends’ thoughts etc.

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I don’t twitter, I don’t facebook. Don’t see the benefit. Never Myspace’d either. Not trying to be a Querkopf. I just haven’t been sold the win of it. Made a twitter account. Tried it once. Maybe i’ll find a use for it.

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@dynamicduo Very true.

Since I use TweetDeck (gives you notification of tweets in real-time), when I’m doing work, it helps to show me if there’s a particularly appetizing question on the loose, though.

@oratio Facebook, Myspace – can’t stand. Since I write for a gaming blog, Twitter is helpful in getting news as-it-happens and also helps you make contacts. Understand your position, though. :P

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@oratio i fine twitter useful as a means of advertising, and for picking up thoughts and opinions on the products/services you sell. but yeah, cant find a personal use for it either.

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I use Twitter religiously. I think it’s a great way to share things you’ve found and to discover the same. The trick is, obviously, finding the right people to follow. People who don’t post about what they’re doing, but more what the world is doing that interests them.

No, I don’t follow Fluther. I’m on here enough without having them notifications show up in my Twitter timeline too.

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@richardhenry I’ll just pm then.

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@richardhenry ew, is that why you won’t follow me? i see how it is

No. I used to, but it took over my friends page…I’m on here enough to see all the questions.

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No- like @casheroo and @richardhenry I pop in here enough to see what is happening.

Twitter is really awesome though. I have it set to feed into FB, my site and my blog publishes to twitter.

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God no. Why would I want to do something so time wastingly pointless?

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No. I follow fluther on fluther. Why would I want to go anywhere else?

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i was for a bit, but twitter is better if you keep the numbers down IMHO, otherwise you miss stuff from those you follow who don’t post it elsewhere. btw, twitter is useful: feed reader, direct personal tech support, realtime search for how-to, free messaging as fast as txt (via web or you can actually use sms). you can have more than one account, accounts can be private or public. i have a private one i use just for me and family. no one else sees these msgs. i have one for feeds and music links. and i have one for iphone stuff. seriously, not that i came on fluther to plug twitter, but i’m impressed with both sites because they actually add practical value on the internet.

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but i’m with @lightlyeared. “i follow fluther on fluther.” there’s no need for much tech support because fluther is well designed. and its nature makes it not very effectively read as a feed (or if it is, i’m ignorant of that).

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