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Does "Green" mean that it is good for the environment or that it is politically correct in some circles?

Asked by walterallenhaxton (888points) May 25th, 2009

Inspired by the Fluther team. I used it under the first meaning and was told that it was a political agenda and not just a descriptive term. My political agenda is survival. Most of what I come up with is solutions.

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Green may mean that it is good for the environment (the most frequent usage I am aware of), or as a label for something that someone hopes will be perceived to be good for the environment (eg. green washing by corporations).

I am not familiar with it being specifically used to refer to something politically correct (although someone could easily claim this for anything that is widely accepted as an ethical norm.). Once again, with regards to a political agenda, any issue can be used as part of a political agenda.

Without further information, if someone said that something was green, I would assume it was supposed to be good for the environment…whether or not it is, is another question.

Or, that it wasn’t red

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I’ve heard of the Green Party in the US, which is a small political party that has environmentalism as the main plank in its platform, among other left-wing tenets.

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It’s being thrown around as a buzzword just now, in much the same way that “ecology” was suddenly a buzzword back in the seventies (you could sell shampoo by calling it “ecological”). The connotation is “good for the environment” and “acting to reduce global warming,” but because it is being used to promote products, private-interest agendas, and corporate cost-reduction initiatives, “green” is just as likely to mean “dollars” as anything else.

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It’s both.

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I was using it in a question about a technological question and somehow it became political.

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Any word that excites the imagination of the general public will be perverted by those with a political agenda, and ‘green’ is one of them.

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@YARNLADY Darn. Now I am going to have to put privacy screens around my garden. It is getting green all over. I would not want The Westboro Baptist Church, picketing it. Do you know that they came 10 miles away from me to picket a suicide? I mean the suicide not the 10 miles.

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@walterallenhaxton You’ll be lucky if they don’t picket your zuccinni for looking obscene.

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