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What three things would you take on a Desert Island?

Asked by TROLL (378points) May 25th, 2009
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I changed my mind all i need is a hatchet

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My computer, food & drink, & a cushy sleeping bag.

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@jbfletcherfan THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Pain reliever
My wife

First 2 influenced by Lost.

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A big pillow, my husband and his guitar so he can play music for me.

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@TROLL oh, hush! I’m counting food & drink as one.

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A replicator, a zero point energy generator, and a computer with a complete starfleet database.

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@jbfletcherfan oh erm err, Okay,erm i mean it was sooo obvious if you stop and look.

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@TROLL I know…but I’m greedy. ’-)

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A fire starter, some rope or string and a towel. Never leave home without a towel.
All DNA references aside, a towel would be exceedingly useful on a desert island.

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my secondary set of selections would be..
bear grylls. and macgyver

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Beer Music and a Squirrel in that order.

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@TROLL When are we leaving???

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You got some beer?

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Got some right here. You got the music?

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A boat, a GPS system, and a week’s supply of food.

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A computer with Spotify installed and sattelite connection, lots of drinkable water and a pillow.

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My computer, webcam, and some tequila. I could easily start a website where people watch me try to survive on a desert island. Haha.

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Since “desert” in this sense means “deserted” (isolated, uninhabited) and not “like a desert” (an arid region of sand and little vegetation), I assume there’d be a water source and growing things.

In that case, a sharp hatchet, a length of sturdy rope, and dry matches.

It would also be nice if the currents would bring me a trunk containing books, paper, pen and ink, blankets, a change of clothes, extra underwear, a cup and bowl, a spoon, a cooking pot, a teakettle, some tea, a Coleman lantern, a comfortable chair, some mosquito netting, aspirin, soap, a comb, and a toothbrush.

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@Jeruba LOLL…you sound like you’re on Gilligan’s Island.

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Can I assume there is a power source?

If so

My computer
My decks
My records

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An iPhone, a years supply of curry and beer.

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I see a problem in my answer, my decks would consist of two decks, a mixer, an amplifier and speakers, this alone is more than three things.

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A satellite phone, margarita fixings, and a battery powered blender.

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I’d have to go with my best friend, the Odyssey (Been meaning to read that), and our boat. : )

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A cruise ship, my cellphone, and my ipod touch

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Number one: TOILET PAPER, have you ever used a leaf to wipe your ass? I don’t know if you can use your iPod for that… probably microsoft would love the idea!

Number two: A MACHETE! After watching Tom Hanks having so many problems peeling a coconut with an Ice skate I prefer the machete, could be useful to cut your veins instead of hanging from an old tree…

Number three: MATCHES….

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A fueled up helicopter with a extra large tank, a hot willing female pilot & pacage of cigaretes

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A never ending supply of food and water

A never ending supply of beautiful female natives who are willing

8 days in a week!

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hair straightners

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