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What happened to clapping at the end of movies?

Asked by A_Beaverhausen (2440points) May 25th, 2009

remember when?

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People clapped at the end of “Observe and Report” when I saw it…

But I remember reading a rant about how it was stupid to clap because clapping is usually used to show praise for a person or a group of people.

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Could be ‘cause movies suck? I still hear applause after the good ones..

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Because people realised the performers aren’t actually in the theatre and can’t hear you.


Also when you’ve paid £15 for the ticket an extra £1 for the 3D glasses, £2 for the “premier” seat with more leg room and £10 for huge cup of watered down cola and tasteless popcorn you want to get out of there before they think of another way to extort money out of you.

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People are always in a hurry. Got to be first to their car!!

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I always thought it was stupid

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Why would anyone clap at the end of the movie? It’s not as if the projectionist is in any way responsible for the film, nor do they record and report the “end of film clap levels” back to the film companies, so to me it’s seen as completely pointless.

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I do remember when, although I’d forgotten it until you brought it up. Yes, it was part of the audience experience, not addressed to anyone but just coming from yourself as a shared expression of appreciation for what you’ve just seen.

My guess: it faded when everyone became inured to television, so that moviegoing was no longer a special public experience analogous to theatre but more like a magnified private experience analogous to being in your living room.

[Edit] I think the living-room analogy is what makes rude, thoughtless people imagine they have a right to talk. A live performance in a theatre is usually treated with more respect.

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Hrmm… I’d say because “applauding” is usually meant to commend a group of people, but if the actors aren’t there, who is there to commend? The movie theatre for charging ridiculous amounts for food? The rude people in the back who talk on their phone throughout the whole movie?

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I see a lot of Indie movies here. People clap for excellence and originality.

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£15? Jeeeeebus! It’s only $12 in New York!

I don’t clap at the end of a movie. I highly doubt anyone related to the film’s production is at the theater!

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I have heard and seen people clap at the end of a movie that successfully created an alternate reality for the majority of the audience, who simply felt required to share their high opinion of the film with the other movie goers.

It seems to be more common at indie films or film festivals because the audiences there are more invested in film in general, someone from the making of the film is often present, and many audience members are aware of what it takes to produce an effective film, especially without millions of dollars.

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There is no one there to applaud. Who are you applauding? The projector operator? It’s one thing if it’s theatre, but a movie? Come on. I could see if it was a really great movie, but there really hasn’t been one that has crossed age/generation gaps for a long time.

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Oh yea, sometimes if its shitty I clap at the credits because I’m glad it’s over.

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@evolverevolve – I can see you are in a terrific mood this evening. Perhaps you need to relax and go see a good movie.

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@Darwin yea that end-of-weekend depression is hitting me good after this long weekend

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I’ve only heard people clap for classic films.

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when I went to see startrek last week… we clapped. =)

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Everyone clapped when I saw Star Trek in IMAX a couple weeks ago. I’m sure I’ve clapped at other films, like Wall•e fairly recently, as well.

When I do it, it is almost reflexive… like a burp after a satisfying meal. But in the moment, I realize that the people I am applauding can’t hear me, and I’ll stop.

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People used to clap at the end of movies? Seriously?

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