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Where is is best to live? Utrecht, Munich or Berlin?

Asked by Mushy99 (156points) May 25th, 2009

I have a family (wife and child) and we are thinking of moving to one of the three cities mentioned above. What we want to know which city gives the best quality of life or if anyone has any other suggestions in europe, then please let us know.

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I think it just depends on the society/environment you want your kids to grow up in/want to live in.

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I don’t really know Munich or Berlin, but Utrecht is quite nice. However, finding housing can be really troublesome.

Apart from that, living in the Netherlands in general is highly recommended by myself, though that might be because general attitude matches mine, or something. So yeah, it kind of depends on what you want.

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I lived in Berlin for 3 months, not really a long time but i thoroughly enjoyed the city.

Although I didn’t visit Munich or Utrecht I would recommend Berlin for sure.

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I seem to see a lot of people with difference opinions on the 3 cities on other forums. The people who love Munich hate Berlin and then people who love Berlin hate Munich. It’s so confusing.

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i live near utrecht, my sister lives in berlin

the biggest difference is the kind of people, dutch people are a little more loose but are better at complaining, german people are a bit more strict but also a bit happier.

i’d go for berlin, but the best thing would be…just visiting…

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Berlin is beautiful. I haven’t been to either Munich or Utrecht, but I liked Berlin so much I’d just go there.

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Someone I know told me that there is a lot of crime in Berlin. Is that true?. Also I’d like to know what people liked about the cities they have been to and what they hated?

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trust me, the crime levels in berlin and utrecht will be virtually the same, bike theft and what not..

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@Mushy99 the only thing i was told to watch out for was bike theft, but i didnt have a bike there so i really had no worries.

I felt quite safe in Berlin and never worried about getting mugged or anything.

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