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Which is better to use: WordPress or Textpattern?

Asked by iTony (202points) December 22nd, 2007

Which is better to use for a website with a portafolio, experiment seccion, and a blog (mainly a personal website)?

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I’ve tried many different blog software solutions. I love Wordpress and NucleusCMS (I use them both).

Try out all different kinds of CMS’s here:

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Although I’ve never used Textpattern, I personally use WordPress for my blog/personal website, and I can tell you that it’s very nice CMS, and what’s more important – it has uncountable number of very useful addons (much more than Textpattern has). It also has greater number of themes than Textpattern.

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I also find WP to be great. I have never used Textpattern though.

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Both projects have somewhat different goals. Wordpress is mainly just a blog while Textpattern is a full-featured CMS.

I have used Textpattern on several of my projects but I use Wordpress on my blog. Based on your needs, I’d recommend Textpattern. It is a bit difficult to use at first but if you’ll use it with some other projects as well, it will be worth to learn it.

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I’ve used WordPress for quite some time, and I have to say that even though it is primarily designed to keep a blog, if you get to know it’s template system and you’re witty enough (not even “very witty”, just enough), you can use it as a full-featured CMS without any trouble. I know I have.

In your case, you might want to take a look at the codex and look for custom fields, page templates, and the Blog Design and Layout section

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It will be more difficult making a blog platform into a CMS than customizing a CMS alone. That is for me, atleast.

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WordPress has lots of CMS features since several versions ago. I’m only saying this because I’ve used it for several projects and I’ve never missed something.

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