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Did I make a good deal on this book ?

Asked by Staalesen (2722points) May 25th, 2009

Being a bit of a book lover, I just bought a Signed first edtion copy of Robert Heinleins “revolt in 2100” for 175$
I should mention that I am a very big Heinlein fan, so I would probably have bought it even for a little more…
But to the flutherers who read and/or collect books.. Did I make a good deal ?

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Anything is a good deal as long as it makes you happy.

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If it is indeed a 1953 Shasta first edition, with a dustjacket and in excellent condition I would say yes, you got a good deal. Most equivalent signed firsts of this run several hundred dollars up to a very optimistic $3000. Of course, the big thing is whether it makes you happy. If it does, then it was a great deal.

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Ops.. I see a word hopped out there… It is a first edition PB, not HC, in Very fine condition…

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So that would be the 1955 Signet softcover? The book by itself would be valued around $50, but the autograph would bring it up to about $200 or so in an online auction, unless folks got competitive. Some Heinlein signed 1st printing paperbacks from that same period go for as little as $125, but most are about $200. Thus you paid about in the ballpark, a bit less than some people have to pay. Not as big a bargain as the Shasta 1st edition, but not bad, and once again, if it makes you happy, then all is well.

Did you know Heinlein only autographed books for Red Cross donors?

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@Darwin Well, I know about that, but it is not an absolute truth, as there was exeptions I belive, like some conventions. Still it is a very nice initative, and I wish more people would do things like that. It is a great way to help others. Beeing a 0— myself I am just waiting to give blood (waiting period due to tattoos) :)

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I had hepatitis so they won’t let me. They don’t care what kind it was. I’m an 0 – also.

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aww… :( To bad, but I understand then though, there have been a few cases where people have been sick from contaminated blood…
Anyhow, with the new blood plasma thingy they are creating in labs it seems that blood drives might be a thing of the past in the not so far future….
Still I hope that people will still be willing to give blood….
And for my sake I hope that people do it with the heinlein blood drives :)

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