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Do you think some people take pride/confidence to levels of hypocrisy?

Asked by Dansedescygnes (2881points) May 25th, 2009

For example, on Urban Dictionary all the definitions of “introvert” and “shy” are very positive and all the definitions of “extrovert” are very negative. Most likely that’s because this is the internet where most people are shy and introverted.

There’s nothing wrong with being proud of being introverted, shy, nerdy, etc. But to put other people down who are not that way is hypocritical. I’ve seen it before where “nerdy” people talk about how “dumb” and “mindless” non-nerdy people or “popular” people are. It seems that people can’t feel good about themselves without making sure other people seem lesser than them. People can’t elevate themselves without putting others down and that’s pathetic.

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In real life, people can be very condescending to introverted people. I guess it is because they lack social grace and people see that as a weakness or fault. People can be mean to or not even bother to notice introverts in real life.

If there is hypocrisy on Urban Dictionary, it pales in comparison to the reverse hypocrisy of reality.

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Urban dictionary is not objective abd you can’t take the users postings there anymore serious than with any youtube comment.

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I knew this was going to happen, but this question wasn’t just about my example. That was just that: an example. There are others.

It’s just something people do sometimes. They have a new found pride in themselves and in turn put down the people who may have been putting them down before. It’s a form of revenge, really.

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That’s not a new thing. People have been making themselves feel good at others’ expense for generations. It’s always ugly.

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We measure our self worth by other people and need to find someone less than ourselves, or who we perceive to be less, to make us feel better

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Maybe it’s naive to think it, but I think it’s possible to feel good about yourself without comparing yourself to those “less” than you.

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Some people put others down to make them feel better about themselves. They are the insecure ones; it is their problem.

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I guess I was looking maybe for more examples…oh well…

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Good luck finding a person who hasn’t been a hypocrite at some point.

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