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Finally i have gotten a phone call from the armed forces recruitment centre, what to wear?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3163points) May 25th, 2009

I was really excited when i finally got the phone call, as it has been months now, but i had forgotten to ask what to wear and if it matters. I will have to do an aptitude test, an interview and also a medical. All in one morning. I’m not exactly sure if i’m supposed to dress up or anything for the interview, so should i just wear my casual clothing, or a bit nicer (as in, no jeans???)

Also, it’s this coming wednesday. :P

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A suit is always an easy choice if you have one for an interview. Foe something like this interview, you can never go wrong with slacks and a buttondown shirt.

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Something clean would be a good idea. Casual clothes would probably be fine, but you could upgrade the jeans to slacks and carry a sports coat with a tie in the pocket so you can do a quick change once you get there.

I suggest you keep it comfortable because of the test and wear clean underwear because of the medical exam.

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You should be able to keep it fairly casual. A lot of guys just wear jeans and a tshirt. If you want to play it safe, wear a pair of khaki pants with a collared shirt.
And as said above—be freshly showered and clean good underwear due to the medical screening.

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Not knowing a thing about recruitment, I’d say dress-casual (i.e., decent slacks and a button-up shirt, not jeans and a tee). If they take you, they’ll be picking out your wardrobe.

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And if you get turned down, it won’t be because of your attire.

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My advice: a dress.

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uhhmmm, well, i guess i’ll just dress up a bit more nicer than i usually would. but uh.. Lmfaoo.. fyi, i’m a female, so i’m definetely not going to wear any ties or suits. ;)

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You could call back and ask them, that’s what I suggest.

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If you are talking about going to MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) then it doesn’t matter really. Jeans and a t-shirt is fine. Just make sure there is nothing offensive on the t-shirt and your midriff isn’t showing or anything. If you want to play it safe just jeans and a comfortable blouse is fine. You’re going to be in your underwear for the medical exam (that’s another thing, don’t wear a thong or lingerie type bra or anything, just regular cotton underwear in a “sport cut” or whatever they call it I guess and probably a sports bra). Also don’t wear a lot of jewelry just to be safe. You’re going to have headphones on for the hearing test so dangly earrings may be a hassle, etc. Also wear tennis shoes, not high-heeled shoes or open-toed shoes.

If you’re just going to meet a recruiter then the same thing applies (though obviously they aren’t going to be looking at your underwear). An interview with the military is not really like a normal job interview. As long as you are qualified and they have a need for you, they’ll probably take you.

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